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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



"How low can I go?" Haven't we all heard that question? How many times I would send information to customers about the least expensive properties in their price range, only to get back an e-mail saying that the market is down and they do not even think of offering anything close to the asking pri...
Aliki & Ocean Ritz condominiums in Daytona Beach were built with a year difference. Aliki in 1973, and Ocean Ritz in 1974. 70s were the period of construction boom in Daytona Beach area and 70s have pretty much shaped the Daytona skyline for decades. At that time both buildings bore Aliki name, w...
I could not log in on Active Rain good part of the day yesterday. Could not comment, could not respond to comments left on my blogs, could not post, could not participate even as an anonymous customer, as many agents do not allow anonymous comments. The problem has a long story. I have been sayin...
It was a very good day in Ponce Inlet, FL. It is s warm, but not scorching hot, though on the beachside between the Ocean and the Intracoastal, and that's where Ponce Inlet is, it is always cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Driving there felt like there are fewer signs for sale, which just r...
I posted Agent For Life... Will I Live or Will I Die... (A Real Estate Jingle) a few days ago, and it was one of those light posts, as I call them. The ones that should not cause a fierce argument, and even a modest debate...The one that ideally should cause the reader smile... I think we all so...
Light weekend post It is simply mind boggling how unfair life could be. If (and when) you lose your hair, then you do not need a barber. Depending upon how you look at things, it can be considered good. It is a saving... but not everything in life is the same way. You may lose all your teeth, but...
Those who do not know who "Agents for Life" are, here is a definition: they are a bunch of right-wing nuts opposing abortion... That's who they are and you do not need to read any further. You've got all the knowledge you need, just shoot 'em... Those who know, smile and read further. But first s...
There is a celebration coming and Seattle will be hosting it. I am sure it would be interesting, but it is far from me and many others. Of course, it is always a problem for half of us. What is home to half of us, is far for the other half. Isn't it one of the nice problems of being a national an...
Oceans Six is one of newer Oceans buildings in Daytona Beach Shores. This direct oceanfront U-shaped 17 story 120-unit condominium was built in 1993, which means that it has sprinkler system, as they became mandatory, I think, in 1988. One outdoor and one indoor pool. Social room, exercise room, ...
I posted Why Did Pheidippides Die? And received some excellent comments. Some came from the readers of Russel Ray's Is it okay to jump in and either sink or swim?  He was kind to put a link to my blog even though he did not fully agreed with it, or partially disagreed (LOL). It was about this 31 ...

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