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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



There are 162 condo-hotel units for sale in Daytona Beach Area. In 2009 there were 366 units, so this is a sign of a drastic reduction of inventory. However, the prices are still at their low point with prices starting from $27K in Daytona Beach Club. There are 4 units for under $30K for sale on ...
Daytona Beach Shores 3 bedroom condos on the ocean start at $190,000. There are only two 3 bdr condos for sale for less than $200K. Not a big number by any stretch. Lowest priced 3 bedroom unit sold in Daytona Beach Shores in 2011 was a unit in Sea Fern ($114,500), but still only 3 units were sol...
I am looking at 2/2 units for sale in all oceanfront buildings in The Oceans in Daytona Beach Shores. Changes from just a few months ago are stunning. The lowest price went up from $110,000 to $174,900. Such a dramatic rise in such a short time during the slowest season in Daytona is remarkable. ...
Here is the situation. You get a $100,000 mortgage and buy a nice house. Five years down the road the house is worth 3 times more. You want to sell it and pocket quite some change. You find a buyer, and contact your Lender for the payoff amount. And the bank gives you the payoff amount, which is ...
I am surfing the dashboard and I see the blog about a neighborhood in the area of the city I was thinking about. It is not in my State. I have never been there, but I heard that this is a great place to retire, and this thought is sitting in the back of my head. I know that it is a large city, an...
  Actually this is true. Key West is southernmost point in Continental US, not western, but this is how it is called, so be it.d  I have done my fair share of pictures of sunrises and sunsets in Daytona, but I never had a chance to see the sun sinking in the ocean or the Gulf. In Daytona we have ...
I do not know why, but in 15 years in Florida, we never made it to the Florida Keys. I was 3 times in US Virgin Islands, which is way farther, but never got past Miami on the way to the Keys. I consider myself living in Paradise. But humans are very strange creatures, and sometimes they need to g...
 Our friends from Connecticut called us and said they were planning a vacation for Christmas week. I was thinking of going to Florida Keys for some time and I thought it was a golden opportunity. But our friends preferred a cruise, so that they can enjoy a week with no cooking or any other chores...
David, our friends’ son, bought this condo in Ossining (with the view of Hudson River and the infamous prison Sing-Sing), loved his unit but hated the idea that someone would come and take a unit above him. Being a music fan (and who isn’t?), he came with a rather “unique” idea to make this secon...
We now know that the winner of the first X-Factor is Melanie Amaro from South Florida. For me, like many others, this is pretty much the same contest as American Idle (Still think American Idle is a bit better), so it is not unusual for me to say that this could be the first time when I would hav...

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