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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



There are several natural disasters that can be very destructive and even deadly. Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires. Imagine if we could know about a coming earthquake a week in advance. Would people in California leave? Would they be complaining after the earthquake that it was not s...
J. Philip Faranda posted Was Irene Over-hyped by the NY Politicians and Media? The sentiment is that what happened was not a big thing. Or, better say, much less than anticipated, and it can make people complacent, and should another one come, they may not take it seriously. I can understand the ...
The week is over. Irene did not visit Florida, just grazed us with a little bit of rain and brushed the shoreline with rough pounding surf. I called my friends in New York and listened to their frustration with closing subways... This is first time they really start understanding what it means wh...
Judi Barrett, one of the bloggers who I like and follow, posted Would you go grocery shopping if you didn't have any money? This is an excellent blog, where Judi compares shopping for groceries without money in the pocket to shopping for real estate without being pre-qualified or, better, pre-app...
More specifically - Can Bill Gates get a mortgage to buy a $50K condo-hotel unit in Daytona? Forget that he does not need a mortgage. The question is whether Bill Gates with all his billions can get a mortgage to buy a $50K condo-hotel unit in Daytona? I highly doubt that he would have a problem ...
How «High» is High Rise? Did you ever ask yourself this question? How high is high rise? Is there a definition of a high rise? I googled, and the king of answering every stupid question out there choked on this one. You can read about tower block, vertical construction and all this, but I could n...
About a week ago I ran into Erica Ramus' blog. She wrote that she was coming with her son to Daytona Beach, and was offering to meet whoever is by I-95. I am not big at meet ups, but hey, it was right here in Daytona, and how could I miss it? She came to town later on Tuesday, and we set the meet...
Yesterday I spent a day at REBar Camp Orlando at magnificent Rosen Shingles Resort. This was my first REBar. A couple of years ago I went to Orlando for a RainCamp, and ReBar Camp, which was next day. After a day at AR Camp I decided that another wasteful day would be too much, and I did not stay...
This 3 bdr / 3 baths condominium unit just became available for showing. Best priced ocean view 3 bdr / 3 baths large (2,140) sq. ft. condo in DiMucci Towers Grande. Built in 2004, Towers Grande is one of the most popular condos among investors in Daytona Beach Shores, because of their liberal re...
Linda Edelwich posted Just say NO to the FSBO  As you can easily guess, It is about FSBOs, and not surprisingly for a blog written by an agent, the angle is that sellers should not risk selling on their own and instead hire real estate agents. It is featured, quite a number of comments, and in th...

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