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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
Yes, sometimes I’m a grouchy old lady – but I think I can safely assume that I’m not alone.Some words used in marketing – both in sales promotions and in content marketing – are so irritating to me that I delete the messages without reading them.A phrase that’s been around for quite a while is “C...
The following letter from Master Copywriter Bob Bly came to my in-box this week, and I immediately wrote to ask him if I could share it with my friends at Active Rain.The reason I wanted to share, of course, is because Bob’s advice goes hand in hand with what I keep saying about agent bios: You n...
This morning’s email brought me an inquiry from someone who wished to write guest posts for me.I’m not really in the market for a guest blogger, and especially not for my Active Rain blog. However, I might consider one for my website blog if the topic happened to fit.This writer, however, won’t b...
I have nothing but admiration for those who can learn English as a second or third language. So much of it simply doesn't make sense.   For instance: Homographs and heteronyms – they’re enough to confuse anyone.  I don’t get to take total credit for this – much of it came to me in an email from a...
You know you have a duty to represent your client honestly, to keep his or her confidential information confidential, to market the home, and to cooperate with agents who are representing buyers. When it comes to representing clients honestly, I think you have a duty to tell them things that migh...
It will be hard for some to understand, but about fifteen years or so ago, I got sick of real estate. I had been in the business for 19 years. I'd been an owner-broker for 9 of those years.If you work in a city you won't be able to relate - but I'd gotten weary of hunting for missing septic tanks...
Michael Jacobs brings us some good fun - and some great quotes in this April Fool's Day post. I'm one of those souls who always wishes I'd think up something funny to pull on someone today - but never do. Meanwhile, all you have to do to prove Benjamin Franklin correct is turn on the TV news... L...
Yesterday, while writing a real estate bio, I made a common mistake: I matched a verb to a noun in the prepositional phrase rather than to the subject.The sentence went something like: “Each of his listings, from fixer to mansion, is …” But the first time through, I latched on to the word “listin...
Just as homeowners hoping to sell need to de-clutter their homes, professionals hoping to attract new clients should de-clutter their websites.Some months ago I read that visitors are turned off by “sliders.” I agree – trying to read a header that keeps changing is an annoyance. Those are just cl...
Last night I had a long conversation with my son, who is living in a motel in a town called Alpine – somewhere near San Diego.He’s there to supervise the crews who are building a power line somewhere near Boulevard. We discussed everything from how his puppy-dog is faring at grandma's house (No d...

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