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Join Denise Lones each week as she looks at the world of real estate and the world at large from customer service to the importance of listing presentations in a one-on-one style. Denise has more than 20 years of experience as a successful agent, broker, trainer and coach. Denise is someone in the know when it comes to real estate.



Q: “Denise, I made an offer on a home for my client, asking for a response in 24 hours … but it’s been three days and I haven’t heard back from their agent.  When should I contact the agent again?” A: Right now!  You owe your client the respect of getting an answer for them.  Maybe there is a re...
GET OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE ... IT'S DESTROYING YOUR BUSINESS! Think about the last time you made a major change in your life or your business. What was it that compelled you to make such a big life decision?  What was the motivation behind it?  What was it that made you say “I have to make a ch...
MORE THAN JUST A TRANSACTION -- CREATE A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE, INSTEAD! One of my colleagues has been raving about a local business. She keeps telling me, “Denise, you just HAVE tovisit this place! It’s a local farm that grows apples but it’s just amazing on so many levels.” It’s important to no...
Q: “Denise, I don’t understand why people are not returning my phone calls.  Help!” A: You’re not getting calls back because you’re not leaving the right message. When you leave vague “just calling to check in” messages, you’re practically guaranteed no call back.  When you make contact you must...
IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE ... IT PROBABLY IS! You’ve seen the promotions: This lead-generation system is simple to use and easy to implement.  Watch the leads roll in … as you sit back and collect commission checks. Or: They didn’t believe me when I told them I made $500,000 in referrals ...
Q: "Denise, I’m thinking about getting my branding done with you. The problem is that I don’t have a clue where to start.  Where do I begin?" A: The fact that you don’t have a clue where to start is exactly why it’s so good that you’re thinking about getting your branding done with us. You’re no...
FOLLOW-UP: It's the Foundation of a Successful Business Real estate agent “Sally” (names have been changed to protect the guilty!) called me. “Denise”, she said, “my business is good, but not great.  I’ve had a marketing makeover. I’ve redone my listing presentation.  I’ve learned consultative s...

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