social media edge: Social Media Edge Radio - Guest Christine Perkett Tomorrow! - 01/24/11 03:51 PM
Tomorrow, I hope you can join us live and in the chat room for Social Media Edge Radio (because the cool kids are always in the chat room!). Tuesday, January 25, at noon Eastern, we have the pleasure of speaking with one of the cream of the crop in Social Media Marketing.
We're also making a special announcement about a new series of awards with some actual value.  Ken Cook and I have proclaimed 2011 to be "The Year of Snark" so you can bet any award given will be thoroughly investigated. We, the snarky, are amazed at the volume of … (10 comments)

social media edge: Social Media Edge - "Yes, I still have a weekly online radio show!" - 01/15/11 03:16 PM
I used to mention our weekly podcast Social Media Edge more often on my blog, then we built up a good-sized audience (many of whom listen to our archived recording, rather than the "live" broadcast) and I sort of stopped promoting it as much.  I need to remedy that.
Our BlogTalkRadio show has been around for about 2.5 years now.  Ken Cook originally started the show, then I joined as co-host in December 2008.  It's hard to believe how quickly the past 2+ years have passed, and how many great shows we've had. 
With another new year upon us, we've already … (10 comments)

social media edge: Social Media Edge - TODAY at noon EST (VIDEO) - 11/16/10 01:49 AM
There's not much that I can add here that isn't covered in the video below.  I tried for several hours to get YouTube to process this one, then realized that Viddler would work just as well.  Hope you can join us tomorrow to hear Laura Fitton (@pistachio on Twitter).  She knows her stuff!  By the way, I just edited the title above - the show is always on Tuesday. :)
Hope you can make it, or catch the recording afterwards.  

social media edge: Social Media Edge Radio - Want to Hear Me Having a Tough Day? - 02/09/10 02:31 PM
Sometimes, you just have "one of those days".  For me, that day was today.  While I was preparing for our radio show this morning, I found out that my co-host was too sick to participate.  Of the other four show regulars, one was travelling (i.e. no internet access) and one was tied up with sick children. 
As I was about to call in and start the show, my Macbook decided not to work for the first time ever, so I started about 4 minutes late.  Lastly, the show's intro, which is programmed to start automatically, didn't play at all. 
Needless to … (9 comments)

social media edge: Listen to Our Conversation with Sean Cranbury, Host of Books on the Radio - 01/27/10 04:17 PM
Yesterday, on our online radio show, Social Media Edge, I was very pleased to get a chance to meet Sean Cranbury, who is the host of Books on the Radio.  Sean is a 20+ year veteran of the book business, and I was excited to speak with him about Publishing 3.0, which is a fascinating trend.  
In a nutshell, Publishing 3.0 is the brainchild of Richard Nash, and he will soon be launching a new project called Cursor which has the potential to make traditional publishing obsolete, in my humble opinion.  Rather than give away all of the details here, … (5 comments)

social media edge: I Interviewed One of My Very Favorite Guests Today on Social Media Edge - Shane Gibson - 01/19/10 02:40 PM
I wanted to spread the word a little bit about today's Social Media Edge episode, since our guest brought some of the very best social media information that I have heard in 14 months of hosting the show. 
If you only hear one interview from us, I would suggest this one if you have some time.  Shane Gibson is the co-author of "Sociable", a brand-new book for salespeople who want to convert social media time into real-world dollars.  His philosophies and the actionable strategies he shared made me buy a copy of his book today. 
You can see more about the book … (14 comments)

social media edge: Listen to Our Conversation with Jeff Turner on Social Media Edge - 12/29/09 03:13 PM
In case you missed it, our guest today on Social Media Edge was Jeff Turner, president of Real Estate Shows, serial entrepreneur, and Renaissance man.  Jeff also reigns in my mind as the most active listener I have met in person to date.
Much of our talk today revolved around effective ways to build community around a company or brand.  Obviously, if you are marketing yourself, YOU are the brand, so this has value for everyone.
I have a lot of respect for Jeff, and I was again struck by how sharp he really is.  To give you some idea of … (26 comments)

social media edge: What Prompted Chris Brogan to Quote Vanilla Ice During Our Discussion? - 11/29/09 11:11 AM
Just in case you missed our show the other day (Social Media Edge), you might want to take an hour of your time and listen to the archive recording.  We drew our largest "live" audience that day, and the archive listens are also racking up quickly. Chris currently has over 35,000 blog subscribers, and he is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.  

With that in mind, what could possibly bring Chris Brogan, co-author of "Trust Agents", to quote Vanilla Ice?  
(To answer the unspoken questions that are surely on your mind: Yes, there's only one … (8 comments)

social media edge: Excited about Our Upcoming Conversation with Chris Brogan on Social Media Edge! - 11/23/09 03:36 PM
Ken Cook and I are very pleased to announce that Chris Brogan will be joining us for our next show.  We've had a string of terrific guests, but Chris is arguably our most well-known guest to date.  I have a feeling that this show will probably break our previous listener records, but time will tell.  I would like to publicly thank our friend, Cathy Browne, PR pro, for booking Chris.  Cathy has been in charge of booking talent for a few months now.
Chris' blog at has over 30,000 subscribers, and he's the co-author of "Trust Agents", which became a … (39 comments)

social media edge: Our First PG-13 Rated Show on Social Media Edge! - 11/03/09 03:33 PM
Ken Cook and I have been hosting Social Media Edge together now for almost a year, and we have a great time while still striving to provide solid, helpful information.  Today, our guest was Jennifer Iannolo of
During today's episode, we discussed the following topics (and in the words of Dave Barry, I am not making this up):
Twitter tattoos The first social-media generated cookbook Ayn Rand Why those who blog get more traffic than those who don't Dead people on Facebook Shaved truffles At least one topic that I can't even mention here Additionally, if you want to learn the … (21 comments)

social media edge: Top Ten Social Media Edge Episodes (Both Live and Archived) - Just for You! - 10/23/09 02:52 PM

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to see which of our Social Media Edge episodes have attracted the most attention.  We have had 46 shows to date. 
I'm not sure which one is a more interesting measure of success - "live" listeners or archive listens.  Hence, I have included both of them here.  All of the top five in the live category garnered over 100 listeners during the recording.  All of the top archived shows have received over 600 listens.  It's exciting to see the audience grow after the recorded programs are available.  :)
Considering … (0 comments)

social media edge: "Social Media Edge" Radio Archives - By Popular Demand! - 10/23/09 12:49 PM
Every week or two, I get a handful of requests regarding the archives for our BlogTalkRadio show, Social Media Edge.  Sometimes these requests are via email, and other times I get quick notes on Twitter or Facebook asking about a particular show that we had before.
In an effort to make it easier to find all of our shows in one place, I had written a post about this a few months ago.  Since then, I got too busy to keep that post updated properly, so I would like to publicly thank Mike Mueller, who is a regular part of our … (0 comments)

social media edge: The JCKC Network is Growing! - 10/08/09 03:09 PM
I am happy to announce that we've added two new shows to our lineup at JCKC Radio.  Along with Social Media Edge, we have some exciting and informative programs that should be a lot of fun, too!  Ken Cook and I are handling the production duties (okay, mostly Ken).
On Mondays at noon Pacific time (3pm Eastern), Mike Mueller is now hosting "The M Files".  Mike's first show this past week featured Andy Kaufman, who is the founder of RE Barcamp.  To hear the 30-minute episode, visit  Mike's tech savvy combined with his energetic optimism made him a natural for hosting … (9 comments)

social media edge: Join Us Today if You Can - Our Guest is Jason Baer of "" - 09/29/09 03:27 AM
If you have some time, join us today on Social Media Edge Radio as we welcome Jason Baer (@jaybaer).  Since October 2008, Jason has bridged blogging and Twitter via the Twitter 20 Interview Series, a thought-provoking interview series on Twitter with luminaries in social media and digital marketing, recaptured on his blog. In essence, he asks twenty 140-character questions and they are answered in real-time.  Jason should be a fun guest.  His Twitter profile includes this tidbit - "I live in a forest".  Needless to say, I will be asking about this.  :)
We also have a handful of interesting social media … (9 comments)

social media edge: Listen to Our Great Talk with Paul Chaney, Author of "The Digital Handshake" (Book Launched TODAY!) - 09/22/09 02:59 PM
On today's Social Media Edge radio show, Ken Cook and I had a chance to speak with Paul Chaney, author of the brand-new book "The Digital Handshake : Seven Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business Using Social Media".  We were privileged to have some time with Paul on the day of his book's official launch.  Paul a veteran Internet marketer, business blogger, popular speaker, social media consultant and coach.
Since I had a chance to meet and speak with Paul last October when he was the keynote speaker at the Houston RE Barcamp, I already knew that he would be a great guest, … (8 comments)

social media edge: "Twitterqueens" Founders Diane Guercio & Lesley Lambert Joining Us Tomorrow on Social Media Edge Radio! - 09/14/09 04:52 AM
My co-host Ken Cook and I are happy to announce that the founders of the Twitterqueens community, Diane Guercio (@heyamaretto) and Lesley Lambert (@LesleyLambert) will be joining us as our very special guests on Social Media Edge Radio tomorrow at noon Eastern: Diane & Lesley are both good friends of the show and avid users of social media.  They created Twitterqueens to "Empower women in the understanding and use of emerging social media techniques". If you don't already know them, you should be in for a treat.
We'll be discussing some of the social media training that they offer, along … (7 comments)

social media edge: "Author Month" Continues - Social Media Edge welcomes Shel Israel, author of the upcoming "Twitterville" - 08/24/09 03:06 PM
Last week, we had an absolutely awesome show with Tara Hunt, author of "The Whuffie Factor".  If you haven't already heard it, I would encourage you to check it out here: 
Tomorrow morning (or afternoon, depending on where you live), we are excited to have Shel Israel joining us for the second time.  He was a guest of the show exactly six months ago today.  Shel's first book, "Naked Conversations", which he co-wrote with Robert Scoble, is considered to be one of the seminal books on business blogging.  His NEW BOOK, "Twitterville", is going to be released on September 3rd. 

social media edge: Social Media Edge Radio is Happy to Welcome Tara Hunt, Author of "The Whuffie Factor" - 08/14/09 02:33 PM
Ever since we started the Social Media Show on BlogTalkRadio back in late November of 2008, we have had some amazing guests. This next week, on August 18th, we are VERY happy to welcome Tara Hunt, author of "The Whuffie Factor".
If you don't already know what "whuffie" is, consider this next show of ours to be a learning experience.  Suffice it to say that whuffie is what makes it possible for social media to exist and thrive as a business tool.  Tara should have a terrific perspective to share for our audience about how to be successful in this arena.  I am … (7 comments)

social media edge: Social Media Edge Radio's Cast of Characters - Join us tomorrow morning if you can! - 07/27/09 03:28 PM
As our online radio show (Social Media Edge) has grown in popularity over the past 8 months or so, it has also added more "staff".  Ken Cook and I started the show on a whim back in November/December 2008.  Since then, we have become one of the most listened-to programs about social media on BlogTalkRadio.
Along the way, we added an assortment of friends. 
Mike Mueller was the first to be added as a permanent part of the program.  Mike's tech savvy is second to none, and he adds a much-needed calm demeanor to the show, with the exception of the … (15 comments)

social media edge: Join Us for "Social Media Edge" Tomorrow! Special Guest: Irene Koehler of - 07/20/09 03:18 PM
I hope you can join us in the morning (or at lunchtime, depending on  your time zone).  Tomorrow's "Social Media Edge" show should be very informative and fun (as always).  I even have a new microphone, which makes me louder and easier to hear on the air.  This is important when you have Ken Cook as a co-host.  :)
Our VERY SPECIAL GUEST tomorrow will be Irene Koehler of  Irene wrote one of my favorite posts of the year, entitled, "11 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Me to Unfollow You on Twitter".  She helps people to achieve a great internet presence via … (14 comments)

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