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So, I'm listening to my Friday Night Tunes. A lot of fun. Going back to the oldies. Reminds me of some good times back in college. The pre-eminence of hip hop. I used to teach swimming. It was so much fun. Anyway, can you ever go wrong with a little Salt N Peppa? I love having a bit of it from ti...
If you haven't seen visual shows, you are missing something. If you're familiar with E-properties, then you'll love Visual Shows. Why? Because it's incredibly easy and it populates to 275 social media sites including: Facebook; Twitter and, yes.... ACTIVE RAIN The best part of this is that if you...
So what if I go to church every weekend.  So what if my kid goes to the local parochial school.  Our family really is the House of Rock.  Yes....Claire and I went to our annual daddy / daughter date the other day.  How great was that?  A lot of fun, for sure.  I got to wear my rock & roll fun an...
Chicago and Rahm Immanuel keep thinking of ways to drive people out of Chicago raise money to lower it's deficit.  Yesterday's great ideas that were suggested were to   put tolls on Lake Shore Drive during rush hour traffic; Tax people who live in the suburb, yet work in the city....they hope to ...
So....it's finally here. Munger Road. The movie. It's being released this Friday. September 30th, 2011. Munger Road has a bit of an Urban Legend. Growing up it was an urban legend that if you parked your car by the railroad tracks off Munger Road, and put baby powder on your back bumper.....you'l...
THIS IS THE LAST WEEK!  The FOURTH AND FINAL WEEK Monday, Sept 26th!!!  Why Do A Contest in This Environment?  First, the environment that we are in is tough.  Really tough.  Some people are prospering.  Some people aren’t.  The fact is, even those who are prospering are doing it through work and...
So many great posts.....so hard to choose.  However, for the sake of expedience, let's cut straight to the chase.  These are the best of the best for week #3 of the Best Practices Contest.  In no particular order, here are Week #3's winners     Best Practice Contest Week #3  Here Praful Thakkar p...
So, I'm sitting here looking for something to throw up for Speechless Sundays and I'm reaching back in to vault from 2 years ago.  Claire, the oldest girl, and Tessa, the youngest in the entire family.  I show'd this to Claire and she cracked up seeing herslef, missing tooth and all, from a coup...
So I feel guilty about liking this...but it's a grade school flashback. The looks on the two lead singers of Abba.....are pretty, but....again....the looks....are hysterical. Anyway....I was looking for some good flashback music as tomorrow we celebrate my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary Tomorr...
Here's my one entry into the best practices contest.  Sure, I can't win, but I'm taking all of this great information and I have yet to add my secret to success to the group as my way of giving back! Frankly, I think that this is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT TIP to going from good to great.  And Mos...

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