wayland: I Listen for a living, YourStories Realty Group with Keller Williams - 04/21/14 04:59 AM
I listen for a living, YourStories Realty Group with Keller Williams. I listen for a living is the answer I give to people when asked what I do for a living.  It always tilts people’s head sideways like some Golden Retriever trying to understand.  “oh, you are a lawyer, psychiatrist, politician, pastor or priest?” they might ask.  No, I say, I work in real estate.  I have found over the years you can’t ever get people what they want without truly listening to them at length talk about their wants and needs.  I know some agencies like to match their listing … (4 comments)

wayland: The One Thing, a newbie perspective - 04/28/13 10:56 PM
I recently decided to drink the kool-aid that Keller Williams has been offering.  I am relatively new to the business at 3 years, four months, but still feel as though I am learning each day.  From what I read here on Active Rain this process can continue throughout my career and this pleases me. The view from outside the Keller Williams family in is that these agents are on to something, but you have to drink their kool-aid to be one of them. I think that perspective is wrong now that I have joined in.  Before I left RE/MAX this month … (3 comments)

wayland: Wayland, MA 2012 Annual State of the Housing Market Report - 01/02/13 10:50 AM
Wayland, MA 2012 Annual State of the Housing Market Report.  There are 315 houses that are either Active, Under Agreement, Sold, Expired or Canceled in Wayland, MA this year.  The market has rebounded somewhat and we are moving back into a much better space for those selling their homes.  It is still a great time to buy with prices still low and somewhat stable and the interest rates still bottoming out.  Wayland has one of the best school districts in Massachusetts and is a nice place to live around Boston.
56 Woodland Rd. Wayland MA 01778
Single Family Active Listings: 38 … (3 comments)

wayland: Wayland MA 01778 Single Family Home Rental - 10/24/12 10:45 AM
Wayland MA Castle Road Home Rental
Wayland is a great place to find a single family home rental. There are not many of them, the availability is .8% and that is not much.  This home that will be available for November occupancy is on a flat yard large enough for wiffle ball and an in-ground pool.  It is on a quiet dead end side street.  It is right off Old Connecticut so it is easy to get to the major highways and a commute in virtually any direction.
Posted on October 20, 2012 by Larry Lawfer  
Dudley Pond, … (4 comments)

wayland: Wayland, MA Housing Market Report July 2012 - 09/13/12 09:28 PM
The good news for Wayland in the Wayland, MA Housing Market Report for July 12 is that the number of houses sold doubled.  That is good. People want to live here and are buying.  The other piece of good news is that the prices are coming up slightly.  Sellers are still not receiving their asking price, but they are receiving more than they were. That, too, is good. The rest of the statistics still show some lagging.  I expect the numbers for Aug to be better. With this kind of information coming out of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors® and … (4 comments)

wayland: Wayland, MA Single Family Home Market Report Aug 2012 - 09/03/12 09:40 PM
Top 10 School in the Boston Area includes Wayland Wayland, MA Single Family Home Market Report Aug 2012 is remarkable.  There are 246 listings in the Active, Under Agreement, Sold, Expired and Canceled categories in the MLS. This is amazing for this town. What is really amazing in the number of sold homes in the last month. Brace yourself, there were 113 sold homes in Wayland last month. People must have heard about the Wayland Schools ranking in the top ten in this area by the Boston Magazine.  This kind of activity is huge for this area.  Let’s dig down into … (3 comments)

wayland: Ebbs and Flows...and so it goes - 08/28/12 10:05 PM
Coming up on the end of my second year in this business I have taken this morning to look back.  I remember so clearly sitting in the license testing room with maybe 23 other people and thinking this is going to be fun.  Well, fun it has been along with agonizing, frustrating, exhilarating and exhausting.  On balance, I am loving it.  All my life I have worked to be a team member, a team leader by example and a friend and colleague to anyone who was in need.  I am told by my broker and the several broker's recruiting me that … (12 comments)

wayland: Wayland MA 01778 Single Family Housing Report Feb 2012 - 03/12/12 11:06 PM
More homes have come on the market in Wayland.  It seems as though the people who were waiting for the Spring market have jumped into action. With 102 properties listed in Wayland and 82 of them Active sales there is lots of inventory to review.  Days on Market are still way high for this town.  it is good to see the Sold DOM is considerably lower than the Active’s and Under Agreement listings.  The other thing to notice here is that the homes that were sold are a bit smaller than the average home for sale in the town.
Single … (0 comments)

wayland: Wayland, MA 01778 Single Family Housing Report Jan 2012 - 02/16/12 02:26 AM
Wayland, MA 01778 Single Family Housing Report Jan 2012.  There are 102 homes listed in this months activities.  That is a fair number of homes in one state or another of activity.  Sadly we have almost a full year of Days on Market. This is not great news at all for those homeowners who want to sell. As with all statistics some of this could be skewed because a number of properties have been on the market for years.  This is no doubt due to a pricing fact related to the property itself.  Wayland is a good community with a good … (0 comments)

wayland: Home for the Holidays, New home for the holidays. - 11/30/11 01:08 AM
Home for the Holidays, New home for the holidays. 4 Helock Road, Wayland, MA 01778 Dudley Pond Cape with Fireplace
Here comes December, the last month of the year.  So much to do, so many things to complete, do you feel overwhelmed?  Now is the time for action, enough with the research, the websites, all the data, and what is it with the data, it is all so confusing and contradictory? Real estate is made complicated by your viewpoint.  Are you the buyer, or the seller?  Are you the agent, or the other agent?  Are you the lawyer, or the other … (4 comments)

wayland: Wayland, MA 01778 Single Family Housing Report October 2011 - 11/05/11 02:52 AM
4 Hemlock Road, Wayland, MA 01778 Dudley Pond
Wayland, MA 01778 Single Family Housing Report October 2011 Wayland has 121 homes actively in the market right now.  Of those, like most surrounding communities Wayland has more houses in the Active stage than in any of the other stages, like Sold or Under Agreement.  Wayland is a town that has $18 million dollar homes on the same market with a home that is less than $100,000. This gives this community some real diversity in many of the critical areas that make a community great. Days on Market (DOM) is high, but I … (1 comments)

wayland: Wayland, MA 01778 Single Family Housing Report Sept 2011 - 10/10/11 04:14 AM
Wayland, MA 01778 Single Family Housing Report Sept 2011 comes with lots of Active listings and a small percentage of homes Under Agreement or Sold.  There is almost an equal number of Expired and Canceled listings as there are Solds and Under Agreements.  What does this mean?  In my opinion it means that buyers are still a little skittish with the economy–personal and global and where the prices and interest rates are going.  In my opinion the prices are near lowest and don’t expect any big fall off over the next few months.  Some people will lower their price just … (6 comments)

wayland: When the biggest and best is what you want…Wayland, MA 01778 - 10/03/11 05:06 AM
14 Overlook Road, Wayland, MA 01776 Kitchen
14 Overlook Road in Wayland, MA 01778 is one of the biggest and best homes in this nice neighborhood.  It boasts 7000 square feet of living space, 5 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms with two of them masters, a 3 car heated garage that is wonderful in the winter, two kitchens one of them in a fully finished basement suitable for large parties.  All wood floors, all the best appliances and fixtures there was no expense spared in this home.  What is an advantage for the buyer is that the seller, a well known developer, … (3 comments)

wayland: 14 Overlook, Wayland, MA 01778 Open House Sept 15, 2011 - 09/15/11 02:11 AM
 14 Overlook Road in Wayland, MA 01778 is a home to grow.  With 7000 square feet of living space and all the amenities that can be put into a home like this it is a wonderful home for the discriminating home buyer.  At this point in time this home is the largest and most luxurious in it’s neighborhood, but that won’t be for long.  As Wayland grows and changes this neighborhood filled with some older homes will give way to homes just like this listing.  Located not too far from the major highways it makes for an easy commute to anywhere … (5 comments)

wayland: Dudley Pond Community Wayland MA 01778 - 09/14/11 02:45 AM
4 Hemlock Rd Wayland MA 01778 kitchen
The Dudley Pond Community in Wayland is special in many ways.  The most obvious is that all these special people live around a wonderful and beautiful pond.  Homes hug the walls and cliffs and sit over the pond as you circle.  You will see people out walking the dog, jogging down the hill, boating or kayaking, fishing and sunning. This all happens mostly in the spring, summer and fall, the winter is a different time.  People still walk their dogs, the joggers are still out, but the smell of the wood burning stoves … (6 comments)

wayland: Wayland, MA 01778 Single Family Housing Market Report August 2011 - 09/10/11 02:19 AM
Wayland, MA 01778 Single Family Housing Market Report August 2011 reports activity of 130 homes are either Active, Under Agreement, Sold, Expired or Canceled.   While this isn’t quite as much activity as there is in the surrounding communities, the level is a good level of activity for this time of year.  With all the negative media surrounding the economy and the housing market it is hard for the real message to get through.  There has not been a time so good to buy and sell real estate as there is right now.  It is true the lending part is a … (0 comments)

wayland: Wife’s Dream Home, All new construction - 08/29/11 03:35 AM
14 Overlook Rd, Wayland, MA 01776 14 Overlook Road in Wayland MA is a 7000 square foot home with all the bells and whistles.  Spacious, Green and well built this relatively new home (built in 2008) is great for entertaining, or having your children’s friends over  to play in the wonderfully large play room or fully finished basement.  Wayland has wonderful schools and is located not too far from the highways leading in all directions.
This home has all of the new amenities with the over-sized kitchen fully open to a family room for entertaining.  In this home you are never … (6 comments)

wayland: Honoring the Deal - 08/15/11 02:59 AM

Honoring the deals you make is essential for maintaining and building your relationships.  Any good sales person can convince someone of almost anything in the short run, but if you are not fact based and honest you will get caught.  Once you are caught in a dishonesty, or not honoring the deals you have made it will be almost impossible to make that ground up again with that person, or with any of the people that person knows.  As an agent it is easy to make promises like, "I will get back to you with that answer." but so many … (5 comments)

wayland: What Seasoned Agents have taught me - 07/02/11 02:03 AM
I have had the privilege from learning the real estate business around some agents and brokers who have spent their lives in the profession.  I have watched them work their prospects and their clients and deals.  I have seen them handle telephone calls and emails and I have learned so much. To be honest I have learned so much of what not to do.  What they are doing may have worked in the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s or 90′s but does not work now and never will again.  The business is different, the agent does not hold all the cards because information … (49 comments)

wayland: 20 Questions - 01/14/11 02:03 AM
Later today I have a call with a prospect I was referred to earlier in the week.  I have already blogged about the referral and what I have done to prepare, but I just mentioned my 20 questions.  I use these 20 questions as a launching point for getting an honest understanding of what the prospect really wants.  I have always known it is all about the client and these twenty questions (which I change for each prospect) is the best way to drill down on what they are looking for.  It is not about the price or square footage, it … (10 comments)

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