ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: More Than Just a Blogging Site - 10/19/21 03:04 PM
Some members leave the "more" out of ActiveRain.
They use ActiveRain as a blogging site and nothing further.
And while that may be enough for them, it's a missed opportunity.
If you've been here more than a little bit, you'll start to notice there's something special about this community.
Unlike some real estate Facebook groups I've seen, the brawling here is at a minimum, typically no worse than a mild corrective shock if someone tries to break the community rules :)
People here are willing to help.
Over the years I've reached out to various members when I needed specific expertise.  Probate, VA loans, short sales, Wordpress … (26 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: What's New? - 10/12/21 01:33 PM
Real estate income can be a bit erratic. 
Our local market is a classic bell curve, with heaviest activity in Spring/Summer and then tapering down as school starts back up.  There's still plenty of activity outside of that peak time, but once the all the leaves are gone and snow starts falling it's generally only the serious sellers and buyers active.
So how can you offset seasonal slowdowns?
Understanding your local new construction opportunities is one path to consider.
In our case, there's a fair number of new construction opportunities in the Cincinnati to Dayton corridor with a small handful of production builders responsible for … (8 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Do You Have The Solution? - 10/05/21 11:55 AM
Blogging can serve many different purposes.  Maybe pure business, maybe social interaction, or some combination of the above.
If you're just looking for social interaction then you can do pretty much anything you want that doesn't get you kicked off of your hosting platform.
But if you're looking to make some additional deposits in your bank account, you have to clearly present some fundamentals with your online presence:
1.  What solution do you provide for the consumer?
What service or good do you offer that is going to fulfill consumer needs? 
2.  Where can you provide the solution?
Geography matters.  Where is your service area?
3.  How does … (9 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Trust Me, Trust Me Not - 09/27/21 07:44 PM
Today was NOT a good day for others trying to earn my business.
I've got a basic premise:  If I can't trust you, I can't do business with you.
Example 1:  We have a water line leak at our home that needs a specialized repair because of its less than ideal location to access.  We located a plumbing company that per their website offered that specific skill set.  Long story short, the plumber that showed up didn't know a thing about that type of repair and instead wanted to reroute the entire supply line to the house and through the basement.  And when … (20 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Wanna Get Stung? - 09/07/21 04:40 PM
I've been blogging long enough that most of you know at least a few things about me.  I don't hide my religion, that I'm a Navy vet or an engineer/real estate agent. 
And while you might pick up some guesses where I stand on certain issues, there are topics you won't find anywhere in writing from me (although more than happy to talk one on one about most anything). 
My Facebook page went "vanilla" a long time ago.  Flowers, dogs, cats, honeybees and other nature shots of interest to me are 99% of my wall posts.  I'm meme-less.
You want to argue politics.  … (22 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Leading The Horse To Water - 08/31/21 03:00 PM
You know the old saying about horses and water.
Many moons ago when we first started blogging Anita Clark  offered me some great advice on how to turn sitting at the keyboard into opportunities for clients.  The Cliff Notes version:  get local with your real estate (subdivisions, new construction, niches, etc.) and tie to IDX searches.
The water was right there.  I'd been shown it, but I didn't drink.
I was more mule than horse and continued to use my blog more for collecting points and comments than I did for gaining business.
But points don't pay the bills and while the social activities might … (14 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: The Glass Is Full - 08/24/21 03:37 PM
Which glass is full?
This week I saw a T-shirt for sale that took a new approach on the glass is half empty/half full debate.
According to the T-shirt, BOTH the glasses above are full, each totaling 100% capacity of liquid and air, the only difference being the ratio of liquid to air.
Take that perspective from a T-shirt and replace liquid and air with positive and negative attitudes and understand that you get to decide the ratio in your glass.  Full up bright and sparkly or just a few drops in the bottom?
ActiveRain isn't much different from the rest of my life.  There … (21 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: I'm A Black Belt & I'm Going To Kick Your - 08/16/21 07:51 PM
I'm a black belt, but you might not want me on your side in a fight!  One kick to my bad knee and I'm probably going down hard!
Fact is, I'm not the hand to hand fighting type of black belt, but an engineering black belt.  Once upon a time Six Sigma Process Excellence was all the corporate rage and my Fortune 50 company was no exception.  I got the training and the medallion for certification sits on my desk.
Now you might not think engineering and process excellence have a lot to do with being a real estate agent, but there are … (15 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: How Do You Make Money In The Rain? - 08/10/21 11:18 AM
How do you make money in the Rain?
Maybe you're just here for fun and the social aspect of this community is more than enough for you.
But let's assume your primary goal is to increase your business and put some more dollars in your pocket.  How can you make that happen?
You have two primary target audiences that can lead to business:
1.  Other agents.  Work for referrals from other agents and members of this community.
2a.  Consumer.  Write for the consumer with unique, relevant information that is closely tied with "pure" real estate (listings, market reports, subdivision info, new construction news, long tail searches, … (20 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Do You Want The Honey Or The Sting? - 08/03/21 11:51 AM
We're amateur beekeepers.  In our backyard we currently have seven hives with hundreds of thousands of honeybees going about their business.
Once or twice a year we'll harvest some honey, although the honey isn't really the answer to why we are beekeepers. 
When we collect the frames of honey, there are procedures to follow to minimize the stress to the bees and to protect us as beekeepers.  Do it right and we minimize bee casualties, have honey to share and avoid getting stung.
Do I sometimes get stung?  Yes.
When I get stung, it's typically because I did something outside the norm.  E.g. collecting … (12 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Will That Post Bite You In The Butt? - 07/22/21 04:40 PM
There is never a shortage of potential topics to blog about.  Pretty much anything can be tied to real estate if you take the right angle.
But SHOULD a post be written?
Frankly, there are times I'm in the wrong mental state to be blogging.  Tonight a buyer called me FROM THE LISTING AGENT'S OFFICE of a condo I showed them.  You'll notice "my buyer" is not used in that sentence.  I could go into a long rant post about the whole situation, but that post would fail a basic blogging premise for me: 
Don't write what can bite you in the butt … (33 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Rainer Or Rainmaker? - 07/20/21 12:25 PM
When you first join ActiveRain you have a decision to make:
Rainer or Rainmaker?
Rainer:  a non-paying membership that limits your visibility to other members of the ActiveRain community (well except for comments and answers you leave on PUBLIC posts).
Rainmaker:  a member with a paid account OR has passed 500,000 points OR was grandfathered long ago.  And the choice you make has a lot to do with whether your blogging has any chance of paying off for you.
If you're just planning to use the community as a social site, interact with other agents and seek out referrals, then Rainer will get the job … (14 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: You CAN Beat The Competition - 07/13/21 06:19 AM
You can't beat Zillow.
You can't beat Trulia.
You can't beat
You can't beat the big brokerages.
But you can beat them when you pick the playing field.
There ARE opportunities out there if you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competition and where YOU hold the advantage.
First, NONE of the 800 lb gorillas have the same access to your sphere of influence that you do.  Past clients, friends, family, coworkers (for those of us with more than one full time job) are people you have direct access to and you already have a level of trust established.  For these people, ranking on the … (19 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Make It Easy Peasy - 07/06/21 02:22 PM
It can be tough to be a small business, with a LOT of different hats to wear in addition to executing the mandatory daily activities.  The days can get pretty long and sometimes something just has to give, and that give is often online presence.
The other day our loan officer sent us a list of the bank's approved builders for the mountain area where we plan to build our next home.  We've never lived there, so no builder has a reputation good or bad with us, so we're starting from scratch.
First stop?  Checking out online presence for the builders on the … (17 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: ...But You Get What You Need - 06/28/21 08:12 PM
No, you can't always get what you wantYou can't always get what you wantYou can't always get what you wantBut if you try sometime you findYou get what you need
Rolling Stones
ActiveRain is a site in transition.  If you've been here a while, then to some degree you're used to that.  We've had a few ownership changes over the years and sometimes the site has been less user friendly than we'd like.  Curtains dropping way too frequently and the ability to the daily basics was a crap shoot.
It wasn't unusual to wonder what the blogging window would be for the day.  Down … (11 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Are You Diversified Enough To Handle Market Shifts? - 06/22/21 02:45 PM
Our real estate market is clearly tilted to sellers.  Decently priced and presented, a home is under contract within 1 to 2 days and with multiple offers.
While blogging can bring both buyers and sellers, for the most part our experience has been blogging brings us far more buyers than sellers.
In a balanced market or a buyer's market that mix doesn't cause any issues, but when the pendulum shifts the net result is a lot more scrambling and a lot less return on time invested.  There's very little one offer, one contract in this type of market if you're repping a buyer.
And … (17 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Is Canned Content Right For You? - 06/14/21 06:06 PM
Every so often you'll see it happen on the blog roll.  In a short span, you'll see the same title appear again and again and again and...
Yep, it must be the day Keeping Current Matters (KCM) has released a new post or two for their paid members to use.  It's not plagiarism since it's bought content with full rights for use by the paying members.
But is it useful to use canned content?
And the answer is as it is with most things in life, "it depends".
It depends on what you're trying to accomplish with your blog.
It depends on your target audience.
It depends … (20 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Tossing Out Digital Breadcrumbs - 06/08/21 11:31 AM
Sometimes someone says "I never get any business from blogging".
And maybe that's an accurate statement.  Depending on topic choice and quality of posts, it's quite possible to never give a home buyer or seller a reason to contact you to be their agent.
But IMO, a lot of consumer contacts might not be blatantly obvious as being sourced from blogging, but can still be fruits of the blogging vine.
Every time you post, you're feeding Google and the other search engines with a little more information about you, where you do business, and what you know something about.
Your blog signature, the post title, … (18 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Is Your Business Portable? - 05/25/21 04:47 PM
We've changed brokerages only once in almost 20 years of being in real estate, and it was from one RE/MAX franchise to another.
Now we're about to have our franchise name change shortly:  RE/MAX Elite is being absorbed by RE/MAX Alliance.
While for the most part the change is minimal to us, it is a change for legal purposes.  Every place the word "Elite" shows up, we'll have a limited time after the change to convert to "Alliance" to make sure the real estate police aren't citing us.
So that brings us to the title's point:  Is your business portable?
We were taught early on … (15 comments)

ask an ambassador: Ask An Ambassador: Pester/Provide, Push/Pull - 05/18/21 08:08 AM
Day 1:  Email received offering service.
Day 3:  Follow up email restating service offered.
The short answer, it's cold call emailing and I don't need or want the service offered, so I owe them none of my time IMO.  In general, I find those type solicitations to be repeated by people with different names and supposedly different companies, yet using an almost identical solicitation.
They fall into the "pester" category for me and have zero chance of pulling business from me.
What I've found works best for our business is to provide information, in particular relevant real … (14 comments)

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