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I have had so many clients over the years and they all had different approaches to doing business. I never know what to expect and the initial meeting is where not only will I find out what is required but also how to go about handling the transaction. I have encountered... details to indifferenc...
I just wanted to share that when I went to post, I completely over-looked the TAG section and launched several posts without tags. There is no warning that you have done this and it is easy to miss as you go through your check list on the way to launch It is listed under options so it is not mand...
What a fascinating premise to consider both in business and in the social arenas too. Loss of results can come from many sources and can be caused by a myriad of factors too. Loss or leakage is not accidental but instead revealing. We want to know if we have a leak in our systems. Why are we not ...
It will be used in a most surprising way. If what you believe is appropriate to put into play with another, then it must by virtue of your own beliefs and standards be good enough for you too. BUT WAIT, you don't understand! There is a story attached to your measure being dispensed. That's what m...
Too much thinking is like putting brakes on life! You get lost in the land of thoughts and every on or off ramp in the freeway of the mind just leads to back to where you started. The mind can and does offer up the cheapest form of travel that I know of but it is more of the stuff of what legends...
Say nothing. Your first hunch was the right one. Don't try to be witty, quick, intellectual or surprising. If its not there, "there" being the part you play, don't take a bit part. Perhaps you are a stand-in and no more. Not every performance means you star. This shows up in many ways. Here our a...
I like to point out that buying a home is a long term investment that holds. The Wall Street quick buck flip days came and went and good riddance too. Those that made fortunes would disagree I am sure. In the 1950's, you bought a home like you bought clothes...for the long haul. Communities and n...
We forget to spend time on the many positive and enjoyable aspects of either purchasing or selling a home. Joining you in this joy are the buying and selling Real Estate agents and together, we are all going to do mutually satisfying business. A few things to consider about the largest transactio...
We want to be loved and we do not want to be alone. The human being is made up of these two deep rooted ingredients that have to be fed and cannot be ignored. When we first come into the world, we are pure, innocent and as close to God as one can be. As we start to grow up a little, we crave cont...
Would you be better for it or bitter for it? You see experience and knowledge that comes with learning as you go it is undervalued at times. WHY? Fear followed closely by doubt does it. It tries to "take away" from what you know. Something goes wrong and your world goes to pieces. More accurately...

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