activerain community: I’ve Missed You… - 02/21/18 06:04 PM
I’ve Missed You…
Our good friends have been in town visiting us from Lenexa, KS. It is the first time they’ve been back for a Florida visit for at least 20 years. During that time, we’ve visited them every year in KS on our F.O.T.s (Family Obligatory Tours.)

So while I’ve still posted every day, my commenting on your posts as well as the comments you’ve made on my posts has been limited.
And if I have not thanked you for a comment you made on my post, I apologize.

Even though I posted every day, I missed you.

I missed reading the … (6 comments)

activerain community: Look Who I Found When I Googled! - 02/15/18 04:38 PM
Look Who I Found When I Googled!
We were driving on Atlantic Avenue today and I noticed a sign on the lower level of a building. I’m sure I’ve seen something like it before but this time I decided to find out what it stood for.  
And so I did what most everyone else does...I Googled it.

“What does rf on a sign on a building stand for?”

I wasn’t paying that much attention but clicked the link and up popped something that looked awfully familiar.

As I began reading, I realized it was a post on ActiveRain from my fellow Floridian Silvia Dukes PA, … (31 comments)

activerain community: Got Blogs? Review and Renew! - 02/08/18 04:53 PM
If it was good enough to blog about once, why not again?
There are days when my mind is blank when it comes to a blog topic. The blog topic well is dry. But fear not...many posts have been written that suggest topics for you to consider. Just last Fall Liz and Bill Spear wrote a post - Breaking Blogger's Block with excellent tips.
However, another source might be your own posts. If you’ve been blogging for a year or more, consider taking a look at your previous posts.
Look at some of the posts that you thought “Now that was a good … (29 comments)

activerain community: Time Certainly Does Fly... - 02/05/18 05:11 PM
Time Certainly Does Fly…
Ten years ago today I joined this thing called ActiveRain.
No one referred me. There was no mentor telling me to blog. While I was starting my business, I researched all kinds of websites from Home Stagers. My journey also took me to the sites of several agents.

At the bottom of some of the websites, I saw a logo.
What the heck was ActiveRain?

After heading over to the site, I started reading. And reading and reading more.
There was so much to much to many different points of view. And so many different personalities!

I was hooked!

Granted, … (48 comments)

activerain community: Community Guidelines...They Really Are Important. - 01/09/18 01:50 PM
Community Guidelines...They Really Are Important.
If it’s January here in ActiveRain, then Lynn Friedman’s Blog Jumpstart Challenge must be on! Now lest you think that this is strictly an exercise in point gathering or have a disdain for ActiveRain Challenges or Contests in general, I would encourage you to look again at the different qualifiers.

They are designed to have us do things that will help our business or function better here in the community.

As to the Community Guidelines, it’s very much like the HOA of a neighborhood. If you want to get along with others in the community, it’s always … (41 comments)

activerain community: What Is This Thing Called a Blogging Voice? - 01/02/18 02:01 PM
What Is This Thing Called a Blogging Voice?

The New Year is here and some may have decided to ramp up their blogging efforts. Some may be new to blogging and are trying to find their footing.

If I could impart one thing I’ve learned from my journey here is that blogging in your own voice is what will bring people to your blog and keep them coming back.

So...what is this blogging voice?

In a nutshell, it is being who you is what will distinguish your post from most any other out there that might be discussing the same or similar topic. … (71 comments)

activerain community: I’m Loving Reading Your Holiday Memories!!! - 12/30/17 01:25 PM
I’m Loving Reading Your Holiday Memories!!!
Thank you, Debbie Reynolds, for asking me to host this challenge and thank you to the 60+ members who have shared their special memories.
Some are memories from childhood...some from current holidays. Some have brought a little tear to our eyes, and others have brought up similar memories from our own past.
All of the posts have allowed us to know more about the blogger, and that’s always a fun thing.
There’s still time to share a holiday memory with us. You have until midnight (PST) New Year’s Eve. Just write a post (250 words “roughly”) + … (17 comments)

activerain community: Why in the World Would You Want to Reblog a Post? And How to Do It! - 12/03/17 04:58 PM
Why in the World Would You Want to Reblog a Post? And How to Do It!
There have been many times when I would have missed out on an interesting post or information about a challenge or contest had it not been for another member’s reblog.
Do you have any idea how many posts scroll through the blogroll in a day? I don’t but I can tell you it’s just about impossible to read each one of them unless that was your job.

Every Sunday I attempt to highlight posts that have made the lightbulb over my head click on. And though … (73 comments)

activerain community: OOPS...What to Do When You Can’t Access ActiveRain. - 11/06/17 03:29 PM
OOPS...What to Do When You Can’t Access ActiveRain.
It’s Monday morning and you’re ready to go. Post, then do a quick check for comments on ActiveRain. You have your coffee in hand then oops!
It’s not the end of the world, and it’s not the only time this has happened.
In the big scheme of things, it’s not all that important.

Servers have issues no matter the site, and the crew here is excellent about doing their best to fix whatever’s broken behind the infamous curtain.
So what can you do if you can’t access ActiveRain?

First, find out if it’s the whole site, a … (35 comments)

activerain community: Are You a Groupie? - 10/26/17 03:57 PM
Are You a Groupie?

Admittedly, Groups aren’t what they used to be but even so, you might want to consider becoming a Groupie.

No, not that kind! But if you’re new to ActiveRain or haven’t yet discovered them, we do have groups here.

Or, perhaps you’ve discovered them but aren’t quite sure if they are working for you.

When I joined ActiveRain about 9 years ago, I joined all sorts of Groups- some were general that encompassed all sorts of posts.

Others were local-Palm Beach County- where I hoped my posts would be seen by members in my area. I also joined Groups … (53 comments)

activerain community: Curb Appeal for Your Blog...Font Size Matters! - 09/20/17 03:42 PM
Curb Appeal for Your Blog...Font Size Matters!
Size can matter in many things and that includes the size of the font you use in your blog.

Many years ago Patty Da Silva, Davie, Southwest Ranches Cooper City, Plantation, Weston, REALTOR, a member from South Florida, sent me a private email suggesting that a larger font size would help others read my post.
I am forever grateful to Patty for taking the time to suggest this as well as emailing me privately.
At the time, I was writing in Georgia with size 12 font.
Hard to read, isn’t it?
It was then that I decided … (100 comments)

activerain community: Wordless Wednesday...Thank You. - 09/19/17 12:13 PM
Wordless Wednesday- Thank You
There are times when some have questioned why they are on this platform. What possible benefits could they receive?
New agents or those new to blogging have dared to dip their toes in the Rain. Some have stayed, while others never quite understood or discovered what many of us know.
It’s not just about’s not just about referrals.
It’s the Community,more specifically, the members who ARE the Community.
I can’t speak for anyone else in Houston or Florida, but I have a feeling that they would stand with me in saying  Thank YOU! ActiveRain members for reaching out … (35 comments)

activerain community: If You Wouldn’t In Real Life, Why Would You Here? - 07/24/17 03:52 PM
If You Wouldn’t In Real Life, Why Would You Here?
Every so often I see a post where there are some typos, incorrect grammar, and misspelled words. It happens. In fact, I’m a horrible proofreader...just ask Sharon Tara, my fairy grammarmother!

And, for the most part, this community is good about pointing this out to the blogger in private...via a phone call, text, or email.
And yes, we could all do better at making sure that our outgoing marketing doesn’t call into question our thoroughness and attention to detail
However, once in awhile I’ll see a comment that is akin to pointing out … (57 comments)

activerain community: Not Getting Any Referrals from ActiveRain? - 05/25/17 03:03 PM
Not Getting Any Referrals from ActiveRain?
The other day I received a call from a member looking for someone at ActiveRain. (that’s another story!)
The member wanted to know how they could get referrals from this community.

They are a relatively new member. After asking a few questions, I could see why there were no referrals headed their way.
Want referrals from ActiveRain?
When we refer someone to another professional, we need to know that we are placing our referral in good hands.
How are we to know who you are and if you are someone we would feel comfortable referring someone to?
The best … (107 comments)

activerain community: Just for You Joe Pryor...How I Choose My Sunday Picks. - 05/17/17 05:24 PM
Just for You Joe Pryor...How I Choose My Sunday Picks.
Last Sunday, Joe Pryor wondered if I’d ever shared how I choose posts for my Sunday post. Although I probably have, I thought it was a good opportunity to revisit this one post and see how it’s become what it is.
I actually had to go back through my archives to see when my very first What I Learned at ActiveRain post was.
It turned out that back on February 4, 2012, I decided to put my money where my mouth was. I was forever saying that you could learn something new in this … (29 comments)

activerain community: Come On...You Know You Want to Ask! - 05/11/17 03:31 PM
Come On...You Know You Want to Ask!
I’ve been accused by my husband of asking a lot of questions. Admittedly...I do.
It drives him nuts.  
But, isn’t that how we learn? We’ve been taught to ask questions when we don’t know something or question things we know that don’t make sense.
So there you go, and here you are. One of the best question-asking/question answering blogging communities in Cyberville is right here!
Have a question about…
~What the most effective blog post is

~A good mortgage loan coach

~Recommendation for a good Wordpress theme company that also includes IDX integration

~Where you can go to find out who … (46 comments)

activerain community: The ActiveRain Community...Just Like Real Life. - 04/24/17 03:49 PM
The ActiveRain Community...Just Like Real Life.
Mick Michaud wrote a post asking Who Really is on ActiveRain?  And, it’s a very good question for which there is a myriad of answers. Just go to his post and read the comments.
Mick noted, in his response to my comment, that perhaps over time, the community evolves into an Ambassador’s Club, with members either “graduating” into it or leaving the community.  
I don’t know what the answer is because without going to the list of Ambassadors and looking at it, I couldn’t begin to name everyone with the Ambassador badge.
ActiveRain is very much like … (34 comments)

activerain community: Wednesday April 19 is Banana Day!! - 04/18/17 05:40 PM
Calling All ‘Tudes!
And other thoughts on Groups!
Wednesday is Banana Day and it’s time for all of the ‘Tudes to celebrate!

From what I read, Banana Day is celebrated on some college campuses but for my purposes here, it is to celebrate my favorite group...Bananatude. (and other groups)

But before I go on about Bananatude, here are 7 reasons to be excited for Banana Day.
One more thing, when’s the last time you had a banana?
Did you know how healthy they are? Did you know that besides helping to lower your blood pressure, and improving your digestion, there are many other health benefits of bananas?

But … (28 comments)

activerain community: An ActiveRain Meetup-Meeting Joe Pryor - 04/13/17 05:00 PM
An ActiveRain Meetup-Meeting Joe Pryor
It’s always fun to meet ActiveRain members, and it’s especially fun to meet those who from out of the area!
Yesterday, we got together in Palm Beach Gardens to meet Joe Pryor from Oklahoma City.  

Joe and his wife, Charlene, are in for a stay at their Jupiter condo and he and I have been threatening to meetup for months!
We met at Blaze Fast Fired Pizza in Palm Beach Gardens. Joining us were Eileen Burns , Elyse Berman, PA, CRS , Donald Urschalitz , Mark Loewenberg , who brought new agent, Neil Archer.

activerain community: Another Comment on Comments - 03/26/17 04:12 PM
Another Comment on Comments

It has been said that one of the bonuses of the ActiveRain community is the relationships we form with other members. It is more than a platform from which to launch our blog.  
Without comments, our posts would be like talking to a brick wall.
Our comments are how we get to know other members here.
Here are just a few examples of the kinds of comments that add to the richness of this community. (Click on the photo to go to the post)
There are some who can always find a photo to leave in their comment … (79 comments)

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