realestatewebsite: The Jig Is Up: Your Listings Reality Check. - 09/22/15 03:27 AM

MYTH: All sellers work with the same agent they bought with in the past.
Fact: Only 9% of homeowners turn to the same agent when selling or listing.
Losing a listing is nothing more than your client forgetting about you.
Seller’s Corner remedies this for you, virtually automatically.
An email is nothing more than an opportunity to be remembered.
Your homeowners need to be reminded that you exist more than you think.
Why not make your emails worthy of being remembered?
Local home values, newly listed, and recently sold homes must come from you.
Every “Neighborhood Alert” will brand you as their neighborhood expert, their Go-To source of real … (0 comments)

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realestatewebsite: Organizing Contacts To Increase Referrals - 07/13/15 09:29 AM
3 steps for more referrals
this year and next.
1)  Create 2 new groups in your CRM:
Referral Clients: folks who’ve given you a referral in the past 7 years.
Non-Referral Clients: everyone else.

This first step will help you identify people in your database that are more likely to refer business your way, and better understand the existing relationships you have and how to multiply them.

Measure each relationship by asking yourself:
- Why do these people refer business to me?
- Are they family, friends, former co-workers, neighbors?
- Am I saved as a contact in their cell phone?
2) It … (2 comments)

realestatewebsite: Your Exclusive Access to SEO Enhancement - 07/13/15 04:49 AM
Hi there,
We recently hosted an exclusive webinar showing how you can improve your SEO in minutes.
Seriously, you can time us.
Here’s a sneak peek at what we covered:
- How to (in just 15 minutes) create hundreds of pages for Google to acknowledge.
These pages will update automatically, just how Google likes it. Do it once and you're done.
- How to rank high on Google by using simple words that keep you a step ahead of the competition. Again, in only 15 minutes. What’s a metatag? What’s a keyword? We break it down nice and easy for you.
Miss out on the webinar? No worries - … (0 comments)

realestatewebsite: Tip of the Weekend: This Summer's Big Release. - 07/10/15 09:04 AM
Jump on next week's free MLS Searches webinar!
Tuesday, December 8th
9:00 AM (PST) / 11:00 AM (CST) / 12:00 PM (EST)
Hi there,   
We'd like to share some pretty exciting news.
This summer's blockbuster is our New MLS Search.
It has been designed to provide a similar look to the large search portals that many people visit. We wanted to make sure your website gives visitors a familiar place to find homes.
By reducing the learning curve your clients often face, we increase immediate interaction. If clients are familiar and comfortable using your website, they'll return.
This means more traffic, more branding, and more top-of-mind awareness.
You only … (0 comments)

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realestatewebsite: Dedicate 1 Hour Today. Transform the Rest Of 2015. - 05/18/15 09:07 AM

2015 is flying by.
You cannot afford to lose any more business.
Seller's Corner virtually guarantees:
Generating more listings in the current market.
Stimulating additional repeat business. Preventing loss of leads and clients to other agents.
Learn how you can gain the immediate benefits this week:
Wednesday, May 20th at 7:00 AM (PST)
Wednesday, May 20th at 10:00 AM (PST)
(Choose and click a time for free registration.)
Each webinar is limited to 100 attendees. Please register early.
Talk with you soon,
Anna and Tim
PropertyMinder’s Community Team 

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