the c team real estate: Worded Wednesday...My Walking Buddy..... - 02/26/14 10:21 AM
Some of you know that about a month ago we had to put one of our dogs down.  This has left the other dog pretty lonely, so we began to go for a walk early in the morning then another in the late evening.  We try to walk when there aren't a lot of other dogs out walking.  Kobi is such a good companion to walk with, he likes to pull this old fat guy around at a pretty good pace!  He also doesn't make messes, which I love!

Kobi, my walking buddy!

the c team real estate: Wednesday with Words...Thinking of Summer... - 02/26/14 09:58 AM
Today was one of those "Chamber of Commerce" days!  It was gorgeous!  Blue skies and warm temperatures, it was 70 degrees in a lot of areas.  It was hard to actually go to work!  The blue skies and warm weather got me thinking about one of the things that I love about warmer weather, car shows!  I am sharing a classic from one of the car shows that I have been to in the last few years.

I wonder if they have it in Candy Apple Red?

the c team real estate: Localism Post...The Sound of Music..... - 02/25/14 01:39 AM
The Centerpoint Legacy Theatre in Centerville is now getting ready to perform the classic musical, The Sound of Music.  This seems very appropriate with the recent passing of the las surviving Von Trapp family member, Maria.  The performance will take place from March 3 through March 29th.
The ticket prices are very reasonable with adults paying $22 for main level, and $21 for the balcony. Senior and students are $20 main level and $19 in the balcony.  If you really want a great deal, season ticket prices are $110 for adults on the main level and $100 for the balcony.  It … (9 comments)

the c team real estate: Book Review...Heat Wave.... - 02/24/14 12:21 PM
In following Roy Kelly's lead, I have been working some reading into my daily schedule.  I managed to read Heat Wave, which is of course, comes from the ABC TV series Castle.  The writer is Rick Castle, and the book is pretty much like the TV show, only the names have been changed. 
As a huge fan of Castle, I enjoyed it.  I have also read Heat Wave in the series.  I did enjoy the books.  It reads very quickly, and it is fun to read some of the nuances that the TV series can't really spend the time to get … (7 comments)

the c team real estate: Attention Gardener's and Homeowners in Bountiful..... - 02/23/14 11:31 PM
Bountiful City is selling compost.  It seems really reasonably priced, it is $30 for a ton or $2 per bag if you wish to purchase smaller amounts.  Compost is an eco friendly, natural fertilizer, which not only fertilizes the soil it helps it to retain water.  This cuts down on the amount of water needed to water lawns, flower beds and gardens.  I have heard landscapers refer to compost as "black gold".  So if you're interested in obtaining some compost from Bountiful City, contact them at (801)298-6142(801)298-6142

Bountiful from the East Bench
Call Send SMS Add to Skype You'll need … (4 comments)

the c team real estate: Localism Info....Bountiful's Spring Clean UP..... - 02/23/14 09:28 AM
Keep in mind the week of April 14 to the 18th for Spring Clean Up.  This is an opportunity to have the city haul away some of the items that they won't pick up with the weekly trash pickup.  Bear in mind that there are some items that the city will not pick up.  Concrete and construction materials will not be picked up, old tires and propane tanks of any kind will not be picked up either. 
The landfill will also be free to residents, however the fees remain for concrete and construciton materials.  The landfill is open Monday throughSaturday from … (5 comments)

the c team real estate: A Thought for the Night... - 02/22/14 10:35 AM
Here it is Saturday night, and I am on Active Rain.  Some might say that I should get a life or something!  I like to think of it as though I am hanging out with friends.  I came across a quote that I thought might be nice to share.  It comes from Robert Browning, the poet.  The quote is this: "A minute's succes pays the failure of years."  
Isn't this the truth! How many times have the small successes in life pushed us beyond those failures that we may have been going through?  I don't know if I can count … (8 comments)

the c team real estate: Here Comes the Sun and Remembering Back..... - 02/21/14 11:37 AM
I don't know about the rest of you, but I spent Sunday February 9th watch the Grammy Salute to the Beatles.  I waited a little while to write a post about it, I am not sure why.  I was born after their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, but I do remember my older sister crying when they announced that the band had broken up.
Like most of my generation, I grew up listening to Beatles songs, my older siblings were fans from that first Ed Sullivan show appearance.  Their music was readily available, and in time, I too became … (8 comments)

the c team real estate: Spring Must be Around the Corner..... - 02/21/14 11:04 AM
Driving around the communities around Bountiful, I have noticed several posters telling where parents need to sign their children up for Little League Baseball.  There are several different leagues depending upon where you live.  This can only mean one thing, Spring is just around the corner!!
I remember well the thrill of the new baseball season, what a great experience, at least it was for me!  Hope springs eternal in the minds of young people, and it is a great time of the year to join in on that hope and as far as hope goes, think like a child!  Anyway, … (7 comments)

the c team real estate: It's Thursday...Have you Made Any Improvements???? - 02/20/14 11:22 AM
I wanted to get this post written before Friday, but I have been a little lazy.  Which is something that I need to improve upon.  The week is nearly over, and have you improved anything since Monday?  I am not just talking about improving your business, have you made inroads into any areas of your life which could use to be improved upon?  There is a philosophy ascribed to the Japanese called Kaizen, which has been interpreted to mean continual improvement.  It is based on the idea that to attain excellence, you need to improve continually.
The idea has been, (or … (9 comments)

the c team real estate: In the Market for a Good Wordpress Web Site???? - 02/10/14 12:48 PM
If anyone is considering a new web site, may I suggest R & D Art?  We have had our website that they built for us for a number of years.  Rich and Danny are very easy to work with and are reasonably priced.  I mention this because they have recently hired a West Coast Marketer, my beautiful wife, Darcy.  It isn't that we don't have enough to do, but honestly it is a product that we believe in.
Here is their web
If this is something that you would like to incorporate into your business, don't forget to mention Darcy … (15 comments)

the c team real estate: Saturday's Photo...Mountains and Clouds.... - 02/08/14 11:01 AM
This is a photograph that I took several months ago.  It is one that I really like, it shows some of the beauty that is Northern Utah.  I do hope that you enjoy the view as much as we do!  

Photo of the Wasatch Mountains from Clearfield, Utah.
There is a bit more snow than that right now on them.

the c team real estate: Some Presidential Facts..... - 02/03/14 01:33 AM
This month is when we celebrate President's Day.  A day honoring the US Presidents, I found some fun facts from a neighborhood newsletter that I thought that I would share:
At the time of innauguration, George Washington had only one tooth.
James Madison is the first President to wear trousers as opposed to knee lenght breeches.
James Buchanan was nearsighted in one eye and far sighted in the other.  As a result he always cocked his head to the left.
While he was President, Ulysses S. Grant was arrested for riding his horse too fast and fined $20.
James K. Polk's … (21 comments)

the c team real estate: For Being 118...It Still Looks Pretty Good, Happy Birthday Utah!.... - 01/04/14 08:00 AM
Many people forget that Utah gained Statehood on January 4, 1896.  Each year our Statehood day passes with little or no fanfare. Years ago, Saint George had a big celebration, but I haven't heard much about that for a number of years.  Whether it is because it falls in the dead of Winter, after the glut of the Holidays or what, it just doesn't seem to be a big deal.  I Think that she looks pretty good for her age!

Zion National Park

Another shot in Zion National Park

Views of Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake … (24 comments)

the c team real estate: Living in South Davis County...Thyme and Seasons - 01/03/14 11:55 PM
I have been several days since I last wrote a blog about the wonderful restaurants available in the South Davis County area.  Today, I am featuring a wonderful restaurant called Thyme & Seasons.  It is located in Bountiful and is sort of off of the beaten path as far as restaurants go.  It is near the Winegar's Grocery store, but there aren't a lot of restaurants in that area. 
When you go, be ready to be amazed!  You should a be ready to get to know Chef Hai, he is the owner of the restaurant.  Thyme & Seasons is also a … (8 comments)

the c team real estate: Wednesday's photo....Yellow or not it is still a Rose.... - 01/01/14 06:49 AM

Yellow Rose
This is another shot of the bouquet of roses that I got Darcy for her birthday last week.  The yellow roses weren't holding up as well as were the red ones, but I thought that it was still very beautiful.  It, in my opinion, is hard to go wrong with a rose!  

the c team real estate: Sunday's Photo...A Rose by any other name is still a Rose... - 12/29/13 09:02 AM
We took these photos tonight of some roses that I gave Darcy for her birthday.  They are still very beautiful after nearly a week.  I do hope that you enjoy the photo, they were very beautiful!  As the year 2013 draws to a close, I do hope that you have plans in place to have a great 2014!  Have a great night!

Red, Red Rose

the c team real estate: Sunday's Photo...Thinking of Warm Days... - 12/29/13 08:17 AM
In the depths of winter, I know that it officially only began 9 days ago, but it seems like forever ago that we enjoyed 50 degree or warmer temperatures.  When I get chilled from being outside, I like to think of some of my favorite places and take a few moments to remember them.  It usually warms me right up.

Parade at Disneyland

the c team real estate: It's still a great time of the year to buy a home!! - 12/28/13 08:46 AM
Wednesday marks the beginning of a New Year, but lets not forget, it is still a good time to purchase a home.  Will you be able to move in by the first, probably (read not going to happen) not.  That doesn't change the facts that it is a good reason to purchase.  Rates are still low, there are some great options available (at least in our area), and there isn't a lot of competition for the homes that are out there.
Here in our area, there is a lot of snow, (not as much as there is in some areas of … (4 comments)

the c team real estate: Day after Christmas...Maybe It's a good day to set some goals for next year... - 12/26/13 01:40 AM
After a trip to Supercuts and about an hour of exercise I am sitting at my computer, thinking about what I wish to accomplish next year.  The truth is, I have been thinking about this for many days and weeks.  Now is the time that I try to get really serious about the process.  Nothing worth having has ever been built with some sort of plan.
We have all seen or been in houses that appear to have unplanned additions.  They make no sense and often detract rather than add to the value of the property.  The old saying is that … (15 comments)

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