den boer homes: The Holidays are Coming! Keep them safe. - 11/17/17 04:45 AM
As I sit here and write this post this morning, I can hear a firetruck of in the distance, racing to help someone in need. That someone is probably starting the day off in a particularly bad fashion. I think the Holidays can produce many bad days if we are not careful.
For instance, it is rare that I don't see a bad car accident on the highway when I travel to see family. People are in a hurry to get somewhere, or are not used to driving long distances and they have a momentary lapse in judgment. It's all it takes … (5 comments)

den boer homes: New Website up and running! - 11/17/17 04:34 AM
den Boer Homes is pleased to announce their new website is up and running. There are still a few additions to be made, but on the site you will find information on how den Boer Homes can help solve real estate issues for both Buyers and Sellers. 
Also available is a video library. Watch videos about various real estate questions and see actual full motion listing videos like those made for every den Boer Homes listing. The den Boer Homes Blog page is full of insightful messages about daily life in the Town Lake, Woodstock Ga. area. Come read about what is … (2 comments)

den boer homes: Legal Extortion By HOA's - 11/16/17 06:39 AM
For several years agents have been talking about HOA letters. These are produced by Home Owner Associations to show that a seller in the community is up to date on their Home Owner Dues. The current contracts call for the owner to pay these fees before closing. It was not always that way.
Several years ago this was a negotiated item. Listing agents would check the little box on page two of the contract stating the Buyer was to pay this fee. Selling agents who missed this little box were left to explain to their Buyer clients that they now needed to foot … (1 comments)

den boer homes: Looking for a professional? - 11/14/17 06:39 AM
Yesterday I wrote about the need for consulting a professional when dealing with things, like buying a home, that you have limited knowledge about. It occurs to me that just by suggesting a professional creates some confusion among the general public. What exactly is a professional?
When we look for a professional in anything, we look for experience, documentation of accreditation, awards for service, and other tangible indications of professionalism. In the real estate business agents must be licensed by the state to practice real estate. 
Don't you love the word "Practice"? To me this sounds like the individual still has not gotten it … (1 comments)

den boer homes: The New Computer - 11/13/17 04:17 AM
After 6 years on the same computer, my wife decided to buy a new one. Not because she wanted to. It was because the old one was acting up. I don't believe most people relish the thought of buying a new computer. There is so much to do to them before they work like we want them to.
Many (Smart) folks take their new, still-in-the-box computers directly to a computer guru and tell them to make it work. These people have a lot of good sense. Others, like myself and my wife, tackle the job ourselves. Sometimes it even works.
So, we spent … (29 comments)

den boer homes: Many, Many Hats - 11/10/17 12:19 PM
I am a huge fan of hiring professionals for jobs. They know what they are doing. They can get things done much more quickly and efficiently than I can for sure. There are a few things, however, I like to try myself. One of these is working on my own website. So, I have been wearing an additional hat recently.
The reason for this is that while I could get someone else to build my website, I would not know how to maintain it. And if you are going to have a website, you need to tend to it regularly or it … (3 comments)

den boer homes: Time is of the essence - 10/31/17 06:06 AM
Here in Georgia, in our contracts for Real Estate, we have a clause that states time is of the essence. What exactly does this mean? We all know time is important, but why is it "of the essence"?
Your Dictionary on line says about all this, "When used in a contract, places the other party on notice that failure to complete a required performance by a date certain set forth therein will constitute an incurable breach." It means that any times listed in the contract or proposal are important and you should pay attention to them.
Time lines are important and Real Estate … (4 comments)

den boer homes: Make it go away! - 10/26/17 05:16 AM
I have been getting my rental property ready for sale over the past month so I have been really looking it over to see what needs to be done. The other day as I was walking through, I noticed several scrapes and scratches on the walls and molding. Ugh, I guess I will need to paint. Then a miracle happened.
My wife handed me something called a magic eraser. It is a foam pad about the size of a small pot scrubber. She said give it a try. OMG! This little guy erased almost every little smudge I found. It acts sort … (5 comments)

den boer homes: It's not so far away - 10/25/17 07:16 AM
Around these parts, from about mid March through June is our Spring market. Many homes come on the market and sell. The reason? School is out in May, so people are trying to sell and move once the kids are out of school and be in their new home before school starts August 1st. 
Spring market really can get crazy. Homes can sell in hours instead of days or weeks. The thing I have noticed is that the better prepared the seller is, the faster the home will sell and for more money. How do they get "Prepared?" Glad you asked.
Sellers who … (2 comments)

den boer homes: A Tale of Two Homes - 10/23/17 06:38 AM
I went on two listing appointments last week, within 24 hours of each other. Both Sellers want to sell and move locally. I sold the home to the first seller and I spoke to the other seller 3 years ago about selling. Other than the interest in selling, there were very few similarities between the two.
Seller one bought really well about 6 years ago and has some equity in their home. In order to realize it though, they need to do a few things around the house. The complete inside of the home needs painting, there are some outside repairs that need … (14 comments)

den boer homes: Little Red Boat Picture - 10/19/17 05:48 AM
I love photo contests put on by ActiveRain! Folks here always have really cool pictures to share, so, here is my entry into the latest ActiveRain Photography contest in the category of Real Life / Travel Places.
During the last 10 days of September I traveled to Nova Scotia with my photographt club. There were 11 of us on the trip. We flew into Halifax, drove all the way around Nova Scotia, and flew back out of Halifax again. We really got to see much of the provence.
I think it was the second day of the trip we were riding along a … (14 comments)

den boer homes: Pre-Closing Walk through(s) - 10/18/17 03:18 AM
You are almost there! The home that you are about to purchase, the one with the white picket fence, is almost yours. You have negotiated a good and fair price and the seller has agreed to fix up a few things that your home inspector found. You are now ready to go to the closing table, right? Not quite yet.
I have heard stories of home buyers closing at the attorney's office and coming home to their new home only to find the buyer took several items that should have stayed put, or a water line started leaking after the fridge was … (6 comments)

den boer homes: Its a process... - 10/10/17 05:42 AM
Ihave decided to sell a rental property I have owned for about 3 years. The timing for the sale is right. My wife and I bought it for our daughter to live in while she was in school. The interesting part for me now is I am going through what I tell my selling clients to do.
So, we power washed the driveway and the back patio. What a filthy job! I did use my new attachment on the power washer and it really helped. It is a circular attachment that makes the washing go much quicker. Grass seed was sown in … (6 comments)

den boer homes: Nickles & Dimes - 10/09/17 06:04 AM
Some of the things that tend to get under my skin are negotiations that get down to the nickles and dimes. For instance, a Buyer and Seller arguing over a $50 rug, or a small $100 mirror, or who gets an ancient DVD player. Ugh.
I get that a dollar in your pocket is better than a dollar in someone elses pocket. We need to consider, however, how asking for that dollar might affect the deal as a whole. If the Seller gives in on the $50 rug, they may not have any interest in fixing a $100 problem uncovered in the … (1 comments)

den boer homes: What did you do during the Hurricane of 2017? - 09/13/17 11:37 AM
In case you have not heard, the south has been pummeled by storms recently. Texas and Louisiana dealt with Harvy and Florida and Georgia got tossed around by Irma. Millions of people are still without power and are suffering great losses. My heart goes out to them. But I am not blogging about these unfortunate folks today. Nope, I am talking about those of us who dealt with only a little wind and rain.
Sure, folks in my area are dealing with some power outages and downed trees. But for the most part we had several gusts of wind and a day … (2 comments)

den boer homes: Were you ever in detention? Or lived next to it? - 09/06/17 08:20 AM
Many neighborhoods in this area have what we call detention or retention ponds. They help deal with the rain water runoff from the storm drains. Usually they are set aside in the back of the subdivision, silently doing their important work. Occasionally they happen to be next door to a home. 
Do you know the difference between a detention and a retention pond? If not, no need to go to detention! The difference is simple. A detention pond is usually dry and is there to slow down storm water through the system. A retention pond is usually wet. It tends to hold on to … (0 comments)

den boer homes: Paint the town red! Just not your house. - 09/04/17 06:20 AM
Paint. By far the easiest thing to do to spruce up your home and the best bang for your buck. I was in a home this weekend and every wall corner had been scraped clean of paint. I guess kids dragged their hands around the corners or something, but this could have been fixed with a bit of paint.
I have seen homes with 5 or more different paint schemes. Black bedrooms, purple dining rooms, and many, badly painted wall murals. These all need to go when getting ready to sell your home. We use the word neutralize when talking about painting your … (5 comments)

den boer homes: So what about my rugs? - 08/31/17 05:56 AM
Rugs. We are not discussing the type that sit on ones head today. We are looking at the type that sit on the floor. The occasional rugs scattered around the house. The runners down the hallway. The nice rug at the front door or under the dining room table or in the master bath.
When I show homes with lots of rugs on the floors it makes me wonder what they are hiding. I will tend to inch up a corner of the rug and peek under to see if the wood floor is discolored or damaged. Others I peek under to see if the … (8 comments)

den boer homes: Take those Pictures Down! Not! - 08/29/17 06:17 AM
For years the conventional wisdom has been for Sellers to take down and pack away all their family pictures. The thought was that this would help enable potential Buyers "Picture" themselves living in the home without the distraction of someone else's stuff. To this day I get asked by Sellers whether or not they should remove their family pictures.
My answer? It depends. If the walls are covered with pictures I will suggest they keep their most treasured photos up and pack the rest. This is just part of the home "De-Cluttering" process. Most of the time, though, I say absolutely not. … (3 comments)

den boer homes: Front Doors... - 08/22/17 05:15 AM
Your front door. Have you looked at it recently? Does it get baked by the sun and pounded by the weather? I will bet you that it does. Go take a look right now...I can wait.
You back? What did you think? Yep, pretty nasty. Front doors are the gateway into your home. I don't think anyone ever used my front door in the home I grew up in, but let's just stay with this premise.
As the first thing a guest, or potential buyer sees of your home, the front door is quite important. When I work with a seller, we look … (4 comments)

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