customer service: Do Some Dating Before You Propose Marriage! - 09/30/17 12:27 AM
Value Proposition Part 3 of 4
(A September Active Rain Challenge) 
From  Value Proposition Part 3 of 4
Key Point #1: The Q&A and The Orientation from:
Brain Surgery: Do You Hire The Cheap Surgeon or The Skilled Surgeon? 
A valuable component of my Unique Selling Proposition is the Buyer or Seller Orientation Meetings I setup with new clients or returing clients to simply ask them questions and LISTEN to their answers.
By the way, it's important with couples, to have them answer these questions separately and discuss the results. Having a written questionnaire they fill out in separate conference rooms e.g. produces some important and revealing contrast in values that need … (4 comments)

customer service: Open Letter To The Student: Keeping it Friendly, Keeping it Real... - 07/08/17 09:52 PM
"Welcome to Real Estate, Welcome to ActiveRain". 
Keeping it Friendly, Keeping it Real...
That was how I greeted our "spectator-commentator" and new arrival to ActiveRain. Then my typical 2-4 sentence comment on his third blog post turned into a blog of my own, (Ever have that happen)? 
A student, not yet licensed was lamenting on how it was a shame that we need to be told to provide "good customer service" via the Agency Agreement Disclosure that lays out our Fiduciary Duty. I agreed with his point in spirit, that it is a shame some need this as an actual governor and we all need to sign … (31 comments)

customer service: Long After The Close Of Escrow, I'm Still Here To Help! - 02/23/17 08:23 PM
Discount and transactional brokers/agents will never be there for you 1 year after your sale.
But I Will! 100% By Referral and relational and...
I sold a condo to some NorCal folks for their UCSD student daughter to use as a dorm and for their family to enjoy as a summer home Summer 2016. This is a very common client type for me.
Parents of UCSD, USD & SDSU students buy a lot of property here!
I get a call today, "Thomas, it's Scott." (panicked voice)
"Scott what's wrong?"
"We shut off the electrical to do some work on the place with Norm, the contractor you referred us..."
(discount … (8 comments)

customer service: Satisfactory Service? or Wow! - 02/04/17 02:48 AM
You can sell houses can create a home buying experience; you can create Wow!
That's not just a cute phrase, it's a belief, a mission and a purpose. It's an attitude actually something I learned from my bride's boss, Sir Richard Branson. My bride Ailina works for Virgin America and their whole mission and purpose is to "Wow!" you their guest. You are not a customer, you are a guest at Virgin. Simple mindset, big impact, residual results!
Any airline can board you in San Francisco, CA and land you in Boston, MA, but very few can make you fall in love with their service and culture. … (4 comments)

customer service: It SUCKS To Be a Top Producer... (2 of 2) - 11/13/16 07:36 AM
It SUCKS To Be a Top Producer in a Commoditized World!
(part 1: It SUCKS To Be a Top Producer (1))
For your USP, (Unique Selling Proposition), the answer is not an adjective:
“I’m personable”,    “I make friends out of clients”,     “I’m full-service”, "I’m #1 in ____”    or    “I close 300- deals per year.” "blah, blah, blah". The answer is not your resume' or these features. Because everyone can say: “I’m full service”, “I’m experienced”, “I’m #1 in something”, “I’m friendly”, “I’m blah, blah, blah!”. More importantly, these have nothing to do with the consumers' concerns. The consumer as a priority, … (2 comments)

customer service: The Three Questions Your Clients Want To Know... - 04/08/16 12:25 PM
The Three Questions Your Clients
Want To Know...Your Answers To Are:
Can I trust you?
Are you good at what you do?
Do you care about me?
~From Coach Lou Holtz
I heard this from football coach, Lou Holtz in an interview from stage with Brian Buffini at a Master Mind Summit many years ago. I've never forgotten it.
If this is what's on their mind, this is what we need to communicate in our marketing, performance and results. Putting the client's need, before our needs, while on the clock.
Trust (character) is something I conquer with testimonials & online reviews and my referral business. My clients refer me … (5 comments)

customer service: Work We Do,They Never See, But We Need To Promote (Our Value)! - 02/27/16 01:47 AM
The Work We Do That They Never See, But We Need To Promote! (Our Value)
My Journal of just one Escrow, but many could be written about like this one, as Realtors, we do so much for our clients, much of which is unseen and taken for granted; because we're that good. They don't realize many agents do not do what we do and we're too professional or humble typically to call attention to what comes naturally for our level of service.
Jan 29, 2016 - Lead arrives.
Call lead, ask lots of questions.
NorCal Parents needing to buy a condo for their daughter’s … (4 comments)

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