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What is a Senior Citizen?Unless you are a senior citizen, as I am, you may be tempted to think that “Senior Citizen” = “old person.” And if you’re thinking “old person” you may be putting us all into a category of real estate clients who are ready to: Downsize Move to a retirement community Move ...
For too many, Memorial Day is just a day to take off work - a day to eat too much, drink too much, and visit with friends. I wish we would all stop and remember that we wouldn't have the freedom to do those things if it weren't for the soldiers. Then I wish we'd all take a moment to honor them a...
Every writer has pet peeves that make him or her cringe. I actually have two.The first one is “I want to thank…” It must just be me, because I see it and hear it all the time. Every time I do, my instant reaction is “Well, then why don’t you do it if you want to?”The other pet peeve, however, I b...
As Liz and Bill Spear so ably point out - if you're in it for the long haul and you're willing to do the work, you CAN beat the 800 pound gorilla! The big portals make a lot of agents anxious. Z/T/ & the big brokers all have WAY more money then we'll ever hope to have.  They can out advertis...
Check out these words of wisdom from Jeff Dowler - you can't go wrong following this advice.There's also another bit of wisdom here - that of knowing it's worth it to take a few hours' driving time in order to connect with the people you love. Real Estate Lessons Learned from a 2-year-old   We sp...
As you know, there is no one magic pill that will make your real estate career successful. That takes a good mixture of skills, market knowledge, and dedication – together with effective and consistent marketing.But there always are some things that can raise you a notch above your competition, a...
A few days ago I looked out over my meadow and marveled at the many shades of green - who could even count them?This morning I got an email from the Breakfast Stock Club informing me that "Greenery" is the color of the year. That apparently means we'll be seeing it in advertising, in clothing, an...
It’s an old adage in real estate that it’s beneficial to be the second or even third listing agent. Sellers have experienced disappointment and are looking for a solution.That means they just might be more open to taking your advice when it comes to: Price Presentation Showing availability Gettin...
Here's an interesting one that has come my way over the past week or so...First I got an email from "Alan Liu | Service & Operations Manager,China Registry (Head Office)" telling me that a company was about to register the domains;; etc. They asked if I had a...
Think about it - when you can see that someone is working hard to sell you something, don't you shut down? Even when you agree to an appointment with someone to hear all about what they had to offer, don’t you set up a shield of resistance? Most of us do. Why? Because we want to make our own deci...


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