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Wow – only 31 days to a new year. Only 25 to Christmas. I think that means I should start thinking about doing some shopping! It also means we all should be thinking about how we’ll ring out the old and ring in the new from a business standpoint.What can we do now to assure a strong first quarter...
I love this story - and that the fact that the thief got her just rewards. Serendipity Sundays - You Are Being Tracked   There are some people that think nothing of taking salt and pepper shakers from a restaurant or towels from a hotel room. They think since they are a customer, they are entitle...
Yesterday’s email brought a prime example of confused communication. I know what it meant, but because two words were missing, that’s not what it said.Here’s the headline: When Elected Governor, Healthcare Costs Can & Will Be LoweredThe phrase “when elected governor” has nothing to hang on except...
For the past week we’ve been getting ads for Black Friday and Cyber Monday – and today my mail is full of extensions of those sales.Now, after we’ve been urged to spend every last dime and then some, along comes Giving Tuesday.It seems to me that it might have been wiser to put the giving day ahe...
One of my vices is that I read too much, primarily mystery novels. My excuse is that I don’t watch TV – I read instead. I also read while I’m cooking dinner, riding in the car with my husband (who doesn’t talk when he’s driving) or waiting anywhere. When I leave the house, a book goes with me.The...
It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and all through my email… are Black Friday sales!There’s not a thing on any of those sales that I want to buy, so I’ve been busy deleting. I also have no desire to go fight the crowds at any of the stores.Meanwhile, I’m feeling thankful – for the fact that the Tha...
I’m Thankful for / to my ancestorsTo go back to the beginning – I’m thankful that my Great-grandparents somehow both found themselves in Spokane, and that after their marriage they decided to homestead North of Priest River.They had one daughter, my Grandmother Mabel, and she chose to marry a rec...
Thursday I wrote about being thankful for the Internet for giving me access to people who need me. Today I’m thinking about all the wonderful people who use my copywriting services and who purchase my prospecting / farming letters.I am so fortunate to get acquainted with ambitious agents across t...
Where would I be without this tool? I can’t even guess. I’m sure I wouldn’t be sitting in my warm basement, earning a living doing something I love.I write for real estate professionals. How would I have found the ones who need me without the Internet? How would anyone know I could help them prom...
Some men want people to believe that they're mean and ornery. My husband is one of them. But those of us who know him know there's a darned soft heart underneath that crust.Today was a good example.The day started out sunny and warm, so when he fed Mr. Horse his breakfast, he removed the blanket ...

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