real estate solutions in tallahassee: HOW MUCH IS IT TOO MUCH? - 11/14/07 01:35 AM
So, Congress is looking at making the Do Not Call Registry permanent.  Being a salesman, I have mixed feelings about that.  See, I hate getting calls from solicitors.  So, I can empathize with folks not wanting to be “harassed” over the phone.  (Well, okay, I hate getting calls from MEDIOCRE solicitors.  I like good solicitors; I’ve been known to make a purchase or two over the phone.  And I LOVE bad solicitors!!  Those folks are just plain fun to mess with!) On the other hand, as a salesman, I know that making these calls is necessary.  Heck, here at Century 21 … (4 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: Need Some Suggestions.... Calling All Professionals - 11/07/07 09:16 AM
Okay, quick show of hands.  Who here considers themselves to be a professional? Good. Now, who here would say that they consider the majority of their fellow REALTORS as professionals? Hmmmm...
What constitutes a professional anyway?
One definition is "a person who is an expert at his or her work."
And how does one become an expert at his or her work? I would submit that experience and knowledge are certainly important ingredients.
I think we all can agree that the basic REALTOR's licensing course is a far cry from the be-all and the end-all of professional education. … (10 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: ALLOW ME TO FOLLOW UP MY BLOG ON FOLLOW UP WITH A FOLLOW UP BLOG.... - 10/24/07 04:49 AM
This is a follow-up to my previous post on Follow-up.
Here are four methods that you can use to make your follow up more effective.
1. Post-sale feed-back
After completing deals with your customers, call them and ask if they were pleased with the service provided, what they like most about working with you and what they would like to be improved. Show them that you care about them and not only about your business.
2. Respond to your clients' needs
Your customers' plans and real estate needs change in … (9 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: Are You Listening? - 10/07/07 06:52 AM
What's more important, product knowledge or people knowledge?
When I teach our new associates sales training, I like them to consider the image of the bike. The bike has two wheels, one that provides the energy, and one that provides the guidance. The bike cannot go without each wheel.
In selling, product knowledge gives you the energy, or the drive to go. It is the back wheel. But people knowledge takes you where you want to be. The front wheel allows us to go anywhere we want to go.
I submit that with product knowledge I can feel very comfortable about what I'm selling, … (26 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: IT'S HARD TO SAY GOODBYE - 10/05/07 12:30 AM

Today we bid a fond farewell to our transaction coordinator, Billie Mitchell.  She has been with our company for 11 years and has decided to retire and live the good life.  We are very happy for her though, it was a bittersweet event.  On the one hand it was very sad to see a valuable member of our team leave us. On the other hand it was a nice opportunity to recognize excellence and to get the majority of our agents together for a little quality time and camaraderie. I only wish I could have been there as well (I'm still out … (12 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: Goodbye Florida, Hello New York! - 10/03/07 05:23 AM
Heading out of town. Leaving warm sunny Florida for the frigid Northeast. Brrrr. I understand it is getting into the 50's in New York right now. I'll have to bring a parka.
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real estate solutions in tallahassee: Finder's Keepers? What Do You Think? - 10/02/07 02:53 AM
As I was driving into work this morning, I was listening to Fox Radio on XM Satellite in the car. A very interesting story was being featured and it made me think it would make for great blogging....
A husband and wife are doing a cleaning in their house and find $100,000 stashed away in the attic. The are stoked! Imagine, how cool is that? The story makes the news and everyone is talking about how lucky they are.
Well, not everyone. The previous owner of the house, a widow whose husband was murdered in that house, says that is her money. They … (30 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: They Are Great Prospectors.... BEWARE!!!! - 09/26/07 08:16 AM
The charred scuba diver found in the middle of a burned out forest?
Or that swallowing pop rocks and drinking soda at the same time will make your stomach explode?
How about this one?
Subject: FW: Do Not Call List starts in 12 days!Please review and pass on to as many individuals as you canREMINDER....12 days from today, all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale calls.YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLSTo prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.It is the National DO NOT CALL … (16 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: By Request .... Creating Charts and Graphs in MS Excel - 09/19/07 08:20 AM
OK, so I am a numbers guy. I've been using MS Excel for as long as it has been a product (Excel 1.0).
I have been posting a lot of charts and graphs about the Tallahassee Real Estate Market in my blogs, and quite a few people have complemented me on my graphs.
A Friend of Mine Called The Charts "Show" What The Numbers Might Hide How Do Changing Markets Affect Realtor Pricing? Great Way to Explain Why Now is the Time to Buy! But that wasn't enough for Adam Waldman, Nooooo, he wanted a tutorial. Well Adam, here is my … (43 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: Home Inspections - Worth the Money? - 09/16/07 11:39 PM
Often times, we work with Buyers who are tight on cash and are looking to save every nickel in the process of Buying a Home in Tallahassee. They ask for advice on things that they should do to save money. Invariably, the question arises as to whether they "really need to pay for a home inspection."
Before I give you my answer to this, let me begin with the benefits of the professional home inspection.
The Home Inspector will check every system in the home and give his or her professional opinion of its condition. As you are well aware, there are … (22 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: 50,000 Points - No Longer a Newbie? - 09/16/07 01:52 AM
I started blogging on Active Rain 63 days ago with 1 goal in mind. I needed an answer to a question that I had been pondering for nearly a year....
What the heck is this "blogging thing" all about?
So I made a commitment to be active on AR for 30 days and then re-evaluate. After 30 days, I did the same thing, a 30 day commitment to see if I could get better. I think I have.
Yesterday, I hit 50,000 points, yet I still feel like a "Newbie."
Because of my involvement with Active Rain:
I now author the blog on our local newspaper.I met … (34 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: IT'S ALIVE!!!!! - 09/12/07 03:42 AM

Who hasn't found themselves desperately trying to breathe life into a gasping, sputtering flat-lining deal?  Wouldn't it be nice to get a second opinion before you pull the plug? 
One of the benefits we offer our agents is access to over 100 years of real estate experience between our owners and full time managers.  So, when they need help, whether it is a simple question about the contract form or someone to accompany them on a tough listing presentation, they have access to some very knowledgeable and experienced people.
We also hold a round table discussion every Friday afternoon at Century … (8 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: A Powerful Seller Presentation - Talking Point #1 - 09/12/07 03:19 AM
Many of our agents are starting to hear the same question from Sellers during their listing appointments. While this question exists in all markets, it is Critical that we answer it properly when we are languishing in a Buyers' Market with tons of inventory.
The Question:
"Can we list high, we can always come down later."
The Answer:
The answer, in my humble opinion, needs to be scripted, practiced, drilled and rehearsed. It is so important that we do not overprice our listings that I feel All Agents need to be great at this. Points that need to be addressed include:
Window of OpportunityMemory RetentionPrice ReductionsBest … (20 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: Because of Active Rain, I am Reborn! - 09/08/07 01:44 AM

Two months ago, I had not even considered blogging as something a serious business person would do. Active Rain has not only taught me how to create and manage a blog, it has taught me how to connect to some great professionals around the country.
Without Active Rain, I would not have met Brad Carroll, who is now helping me replace an old and worn web site with a new dynamic web site.
Active Rain has led me to some great agents and professionals around the country(s), like Missy Caulk in Ann Arbor Michigan, Thesa Chambers in Central Oregon, Brad Andersohn in Concord, … (46 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: Great Excel Tip - 09/06/07 08:59 PM
Don't you just hate it when you are trying to create a chart in Microsoft Excel and some of your data totally obscures the rest of it? The purpose of this post is to show you how I created a chart, showing how My Company Web Site has had more visitors than our competition.So, How do you do it? First, you graph the information as you want it. Then, by doing a series of copy and pastes, you will be able to make all data sets semi-transparent, allowing the viewer to see all (as in the image above). So, here are … (12 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: A Geek's Guide To Finding Business - IV - 09/06/07 04:01 AM
The Numbers
(continuation from My Previous Post )
So after years of measuring different lead sources, what have we found? First of all, I want to acknowledge that this is a small sample of agents that were measured for roughly a year. Differing talent and skill levels, as well as differing market conditions will yield different results for everyone. That being said, I think it is a fair analysis for one lead source versus another.
Since I first went to Joe Stumpf and Mike Ferry back in the 90's, it appears that Joe Stumpf has not changed a whole lot of what he is … (6 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: A Geek's Guide To Finding Business - III - 09/06/07 02:48 AM
The Business Funnel (continuation from My Previous Post ) After measuring Attempts, Contacts, Leads, Appointments, Sales and Closings for over a year (with about 20 agents) I discovered a fascinating thing.... We could use an agent's measured numbers to focus their specific training needs to them. Let me demontrate by means of an example. Let us look at "the numbers" on five ficticious agents: These numbers quickly show that Susan is the top producer with 34 closings, while Alice is producing the least. Normally as the broker, I would only know closed statistics, but with the measuring systems in place, check out all the … (8 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: A Geek's Guide To Finding Business - II - 09/06/07 12:53 AM
The Language(continued from my previous post) I must say that I was extremely excited to try out everything that I learned. I was determined to measure our actions and our results so that I could quantitatively prove what was the best method(s) for acquiring new business.In order to measure, I had to come up with a common language for all of our participating agents. As the great Bill Clinton once reminded us "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is." This common language would ensure that our measurements and systems were consistent across the board. So, here is a list … (6 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: A Geek's Guide to Finding Business - I - 09/06/07 12:16 AM
As our market has toughened up, I have had many agents come to me and ask what they could do to generate more business. As I have been in the Tallahassee Real Estate Market for 17 years now, I certainly have a lot of ideas and experience. But more importantly, I have (on my computer) records of what we were doing the last time the market was like this. I had to dig deep. As a Real Estate Broker with a computer science degree, I have a pretty well-organized computer structure that allows me to pull most files or records that I … (10 comments)

real estate solutions in tallahassee: ARE YOU ALWAYS TURNED ON? - 09/05/07 05:31 AM

When does your business day begin?  When does it end?  Are you always on?  Off and on?  Or (hopefully not) always off?
We teach our agents to always prospect, even when they are working. Some of the questions we teach new agents to memorize is our Daily 7.  These are the seven questions every agent should be prepared to ask anyone with whom they happen to strike up a conversation.
(Prospecting with everyone you meet)
Where do you live?How do you like it there?How did you happen to choose that area?If you were to move … (4 comments)

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