location: Friendship and freedom are earned and learned... - 07/14/16 11:06 AM
A few of my close friends have recently called me out of my quiet re: the very dark and hurtful clouds that have passed over us these past few weeks. Without nitpicking details, they encouraged me (actually kind of insisted) I step up to the plate and share my truth and my story. So okay, here goes...*
I consider myself a blessed man. I have a wonderful (extended) family and many friends. They are of many faiths and beliefs and were born here or immigrated here and collectively represent roots that reach back to almost every known people and place on this … (30 comments)

location: The Sky Wiper - 11/29/15 02:10 AM
After weeks and weeks of super busy it’s Thanksgiving and I’m enjoying a few days off. I headed down to Graham to see my brother Terry and though I’ve done it several times, I just had to stop to take in this view of Mt Rainier.
The indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest called her Talol, Tacoma, and/or Tahoma, meaning the mother of waters in the Lushootseed language spoken by the Puyallup. Another meaning is Ta (larger) Koma (than Mt Baker) and other names include Tacobeh and Pooskaus.
Mount Rainier is definitely a mother to several waters including the rivers Carbon, Puyallup, Mowich, … (23 comments)

location: Return to Renton Car Show 2015 - 07/13/15 11:32 AM
The 25th Anniversary Return to Renton Car Show was a great success this weekend. I really had a great time looking at all the cars and talking to their owners.
I was amazed at how many of the car models that were there I remember seeing as a kid around town. I really liked the mix of totally tricked out hotrods to some really fabulous totally restored and stock models.
A few of my personal favorites were a 1951 Chevy Deluxe Coupe. This one touched my heart because one of the cars I learned to drive in was my Grandpa’s 1949 Chevy Business … (7 comments)

location: Curry & Kabab. - 07/07/15 01:03 PM
Curry & Kabab
24023 104th Ave SE, Kent WA 98030
Oh my, what can I say other than this place is absolutely FABULOUS! I had the lunch special, Chicken Curry, with good friend & coworker Jill Bell... She’s raved about this place for a long time suggesting we stop here. So after an appointment nearby the other day, we did.
I'm so glad. I love Indian food. I drive by here all the time and though curious, I never stopped. Probably because I prefer not to eat out alone. But now that I know what I was missing, I look forward to working … (8 comments)

location: 15 seconds of local fame! - 06/26/15 06:00 AM
Who’d a thought! I’m on the Jumbotron at a Seahawks game!
Well, not really, but kind of... Yesterday (6/25/15) we're at Westfield Southcenter Mall in Tukwila, Washington. I’m teaching Mobile Communication Boot Camp, a.k.a. hashtag #mobilecomcamp for a group of local Realtors®.
I’m having a blast! We’re working our way through the mall and this segment of the class is about using images in the context of #location #lifestyle and #community as a web presence and personal brand strategy. So there’s a bunch of us wandering from store to store shooting lots of photos with our smartphones.
Half the fun doing this 3 clock … (20 comments)

location: One chance evening ... - 05/29/15 04:01 AM
Wouldn’t you know it... Wednesday ... I started a refinance on my condo. Of course the question, “Do you have any credit card debt?” No I don't (smiles)  just a few hundred bucks from last week's COSTCO run and a few other recents...
Oh, did I mention I'm working from the waiting area at the Ford Dealership in Kent this Friday afternoon? I blew a tire last night on my way home. So let's see now, a flat tire turns into 4 new tires+allignment+new battery+front brakes (bothsides) rotors and pads.
I knew all of it was coming so no fault to anyone, but dang it, "THE … (30 comments)

location: Instagraming for Business... - 03/16/15 03:53 AM
Instagram is all about capturing the moment. It’s about expressing yourself visually. It’s not advertising. It’s sharing the world around you from your own unique perspective embracing location, lifestyle, and community.
As a real estate professional take advantage of the time you spend out and about. Share those interesting surroundings and places in your market area. Every neighborhood everywhere has something special about it. And with a some good use of hashtags in the comment section, you'll get indexed in the search engines.
Yet posting a photo of your listing flyer (and I’ve actually seen this more than a few times) is … (15 comments)

location: Mocking up Marketing Ideas. - 12/03/14 11:40 PM
When I'm working on a marketing idea and strategy, I love to do a quick mock-up so I have a model in front of me as I develop the ideas. I just want to capture the mood, style, feel... The other day I was with my good friend and coworker, Jill Bell. We were scouting out Westfield Southcenter in Seattle / Tukwila for a 2nd location to use for our new 3 clock hour class, Mobile Communication Boot Camp. 
I'll be talking more about the class soon, but for now let's just say it's a class on using your smartphone to … (3 comments)

location: Elsie Anderson, a chance encounter. - 11/04/14 01:29 PM
I’ve spent way too much time in recovery centers this past year. Thank goodness it wasn’t for me, but for several of my friends and extended family. I don’t care for these places at all and I never ever want to be in one. Perhaps my fear of the inevitable, yet just the same, dear Lord, please never.
My daughter Tawnya is in town. She’s here to look after her Mom (my first x yet best friend) Bev, recovering from major back surgery at Wesley Homes Health Center here in Des Moines, Washington.
Now how’s that for a set up?
Anyhow, … (9 comments)

location: Know thy Neighborhood - 06/13/10 06:50 PM
How well do you know the existing inventory in your local market area? If you had a potential client that wanted to find a home in this neighborhood what you have to tell them?
Eastlake... Seattle, WA 98102
View Eastlake in a larger map
Eastlake Neighborhood Residential Sales (click for 2010 sales)
Sales are all arm length conveyed by warranty deed, no REO, Short Sales, or Forclosures.
The Eastlake Neighborhood is one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods. It’s also one of the more clearly defined neighborhoods because of its distinct boundaries; Lake Union on the West, Interstate 5 on the East, Portage … (10 comments)

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