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This week a client consulted with me about her profile on Trulia and Zillow, so I went there to see what other agents were posting, how much space was allowed, etc.I found a few good profiles, and I also found people I wouldn't do business with if you paid me. They sound like pompous windbags.I f...
Many times here in the Rain I've read posts from agents who were frustrated over lack of communication from clients or other professionals – or who gained clients because of another agent's lack of communication. Clients want you to keep them informed – and they should be able to expect that. Pas...
Has this happened to you? It's happened to me 2 or 3 times now.. Last night I got the following notice in an email:  Praful Thakkar mentioned you in the blog post One more reason why I love Active Rain Read the blog post and subscribe to comments at:  Natur...
According to, more than 62% of Americans celebrate Valentine's Day.With approximately one billion cards sent each year, it is second only to Christmas in its impact on the greeting card industry.I have no idea who keeps track of this, or how they do it, but they report that 85% of tho...
You've got a territory – or you've been working on developing a territory – but now there's another agent or two moving in on you. They're marketing to "your" homeowners.What should you do? The first impulse might be to "go political" and tear down the competition – but that might not be wise.Yea...

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