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While we are busy celebrating America’s birthday, it’s easy to forget that our dogs and cats might not think it’s so much fun. In fact, they can be terrified by both the sight and sound of fireworks. They can also become upset if you have a number of guests coming and going in your home. I worked...
Barbara outlines a marketing plan here that makes good sense. Unlike the deceptive plan used by the agent in Scott's post, this one gives everyone a fair and equal chance.Leave it to Barbara to come up with something this good. She's a master marketer.       After reading Scott Godzyk’s well dese...
If you pay attention to the gurus, you know that using attention-grabbing headlines and subject lines will get you more readers. People will be coerced into opening your emails and will click to read your blog posts. Because we all receive far too many emails in a day to read them all, we all fac...
Are you now asking what the heck is a contronym? When I read the word this morning on I sure didn’t know. It turns out, a contronym is “a word with a homonym (another word with the same spelling but different meaning) that is also an antonym (words with opposite meanings)”...
… make them easy to read.Whether you’re writing a real estate prospecting letter, an email, a newsletter, a postcard, or a web page, the second rule is “Make it easy to read.”(Remember, the first rule is to never, ever, ever begin your message with “I.”)It won’t matter if your words are brilliant...
A Realty Times article this morning explains why one REALTOR® believes that the change being considered by California is a good one. Under Assembly Bill 5, the test to determine who is or is not an Independent Contractor would be clarified. All of the following would have to be true in order for ...
Why do you write blog posts, letters, and emails? To communicate your thoughts, of course!In order to communicate well in writing, the goal is to have your thoughts flow effortlessly from your mind, through your fingers, out to your copy, and from there to your reader’s brains, where they will be...
 The following showed up in my email this morning, and I’m wondering if everyone else on Active Rain received it as well. I'm just assuming that they decided I was a realtor because I'm here. Others do. This proposal doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but perhaps I’m missing something. Could just...
A couple of weeks ago I visited to see if I could find any agents who said they specialized in real estate in our small town. I did not.I'm not sure if I wrote about it before or not, but most said they “specialized” and were “experts” in all of North Idaho, plus a town or two in Wash...

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