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Please excuse me for returning to an old real estate grammar rant...  More and more lately I've noticed bloggers referring to themselves or other people as "that" rather than who.  "When you want an agent that has your best interests at heart..."  "The young man that made the offer on..." You get...
The first few years of copywriting, I didn't keep very good track of where my clients came from or how many of them there were. I can't go figure it out now because the computer I was using in those years completely died. That information is long gone.In the early days I was writing for a variety...
A week or so ago a real estate agent let me know that he had requested one of the free sample letters from my website and had not gotten it. So I checked it out, and sure enough, NONE of those web forms was delivering the promised letters. The first thing I did was send a letter to everyone on my...
After she read my Thursday newsletter about the necessity for persistence in prospecting, Barbara Todaro wrote me a note. She mentioned that the reason why 5% of the agents get 95% of the business is that most won't spend the money to promote themselves.  So true. Prospecting by postal mail is ex...
This article and the pictures that illustrate it constitute the best explanation I've ever seen for staging. So many people seem to think staging is interior decorating - or that it's done to hide some flaw in the home. I appreciate how these examples show how staging draws the eye to the design ...
Me, myself and I join he and him and she and her in being some of the most mis-used words in the English language, and I don't understand why. Is it because school kids really don't want to learn the difference between a subject and an object, so they refuse to learn when to use these pronouns? N...
How many times have you heard an automated message like the one on my answering machine today: "Right now Idaho roads are currently underfunded at a rate of …" I don't know what the rest said, because I deleted when it got that far, but the first sentence is an example of messages I've heard many...
It sure does seem like it. First, they've cut the size of their stores in half. Seems like every time I go to look for anything except paper and pens they tell me "No, we don't have it, but we can order it in for you." No thanks, I'm not driving an hour back to the store to pick up an order.  So ...
In real estate marketing copy, as in conversation, some words attract and some repel or annoy. You've probably noticed that different groups of people are prone to use words that annoy YOU - even though the speaker or writer had no intention to do so. I was reminded of this yesterday when my son ...
Not long ago Inna Ivchenko connected here in the rain, and then she called me.  We had a wonderful conversation, and even though it was unnecessary, she sent me a beautiful thank you note.  Thank you notes are rare enough in themselves, but this one was REALLY special, because she had created it ...

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