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This post seems to be a follow-up of Friday's post about courage, although that isn't what I was thinking about when I wrote it. I was, in fact, writing because of an email I read about copywriting... Your Power (Courage) and Your PostureWhen a dog is threatened or wishes to be threatening, the h...
We all know that you can't actually answer that question. Even if you believe it to be absolutely safe, saying so would be taking a terrible risk. What you CAN do is what Katie did here - furnish your buyers with links to the appropriate sites so they can check out the crime statistics, and check...
Almost every day I get an email telling me someone wants to connect on LinkedIn, has added me to circles on Google + or wants to be a friend on Facebook. Sometimes they want to connect on sites where I don't even have an account... which I think is strange. Unless I already know the person from A...
You may think that the only careers that require courage are those in which you risk your life. You know, things like fire-fighting, painting the Golden Gate Bridge, facing down armed criminals, or becoming a member of our armed forces.But the truth is, a successful career in real estate also req...
For powerful marketing messages: Cut the Word ClutterYou cut the clutter in your home and office for efficiency's sake. Do the same for your marketing messages.The reason for writing is communication, and clutter, like a misused word, is its enemy.So what is word clutter?It's rambling, repetition...
As you may know, in addition to custom letters, I offer more than 40 different sets of pre-written prospecting and staying in touch letters. While I don't create charts or keep exact track of how many of each letter set is sold, I do notice when a trend seems to be emerging. At one time, nearly h...
Last December some of my high school classmates got together to plan a reunion for this summer. In February they started contacting everyone they could find to announce the date, the place, etc.But they couldn't find my husband and me.Why? Because I'm not a Facebook addict. I go to my page perhap...
Are you one of the many agents whose career is on a roller coaster, especially with regard to income?If you are, you know that it's a predictable pattern that replays year after year. You have a few months of almost frantic activity, then all of a sudden you get up one morning and have no closing...
This week an agent sent me a link to one of the bios on her broker's site in order to give me an example of how much space she'd be allowed for her own bio. Reading it made me realize why I have a couple of broker clients who hire me to write their agents' bios rather than telling them to provide...


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