asheville green buyers broker: Conservation Stewardship Program Asheville Acreage For Sale and Beyond - 08/27/09 05:56 AM
Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, August, 2009Real Estate News and Views from Green Asheville's "Land Legacy" Eco-Steward

Conservation Stewardship Program Asheville and Beyond . I was so interested to read that  Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan  this month (August, 2009) has announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture will  begin continuous sign-up for the new Conservation Stewardship Program. 
Eligible Applicants:  Individual landowners Legal entities Native American tribes
Congress capped the annual acreage enrollment at 12.769 million acres for each fiscal year nationwide.
This new Program  encourages agricultural and forestry producers to maintain existing conservation activities and possibly even adopt additional ones on their … (1 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: ECO-All-Stars Honored- READ THIS ASAP! Eco-Friendly Real Estate Professionals: IMPACT, Trends -and The 100th Monkey - 07/10/09 07:30 AM
Eco-Friendly Real Estate Professionals: IMPACT & Trends and The 100th Monkey- Part I 
Years ago, the "100th Monkey" theory was widely popular and often quoted. It went like this: if, one by one, a hundred monkeys on a distant island learn how to use sticks for picking bananas the knowledge of picking bananas with sticks all of a sudden becomes an integral part of monkey consciousness. All monkeys everywhere all around the world will then be privy to this knowledge and be able to use sticks to that end.
Does the principle of a vanguard few preparing a shift in consciousness … (6 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: PLAN Your Move to a Greener Home. START Where You Are with These 4 Steps - 07/03/09 01:14 PM
Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, July, 2009News and Views from Asheville's Greenolina, Real Estate Eco-Steward
PLAN Your Move to a Greener Home.
Step One: Spruce up your abode.
Paint. Use NO VOC paints, remove and replace old carpets with nontoxic flooring, consider replacing all the light bulbs with LEDs..
I love Asheville's locally-produced Earthpaint® which is NO VOC for sprucing up both interior and exterior surfaces. (Check the link. You can order it shipped if need be.)
This beginning plan will increase the value of the home and certainly makes it more attractive to today's buyers
Step Two: Replace old appliances with  energy efficient … (1 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: Agent Evaluators and the Real REALTOR© - 06/19/09 02:01 PM
Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, June, 2009News and Views from Asheville's Greenolina, Real Estate Eco-Steward
For many years, interest in monitoring and improving customer satisfaction in the practice of real estate has intensified. In 2006, Agent Evaluator launched a free web site that promises to help match you with the appropriate agent for you. I am not quite sure how that is possible. I question the reliability and objectivity of such reports.
Keep in mind: 1) Statistics are manipulated all the time.2)  Most people do not realize how complex the work of a professional real estate person is. 3) And customers rarely are … (3 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: ASHEVILLE DEVELOPMENT: GREEN Muse Looks at Growth - 06/02/09 02:59 AM
I got an email from a dear friend and client this morning. She and her husband, conservation land stewards, live in South Carolina but hold land here in the Asheville area.
It seems that news has traveled down her way. 
"I hear that Asheville is becoming much more populated - that lots of people are moving there.  For good reason, of course., " she wrote.
Looking at this from various perspectives (see photo of my pal  the "green muse of Asheville looking at future growth)I find  I have several answers for her. Here in … (3 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: First Time Home Buyers Demand Green in Asheville - 05/23/09 10:11 AM
First Time Home Buyers:Demand Green in Asheville  
Asheville, NC- May, 2009- The First Time Home Buyer has a good advantage these days. There has always been a place for this special group of buyers, but the $8,000 Tax Creditadds impetus to the mix. As a real estate professional here in Asheville, I have always thought that finding a niche that "calls" to  you is one of the most important aspects of success in this business.
Whether a property is commercial, residential or LAND/ acreage it is special in one way or another, and so are the clients who seek their first … (3 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: Distressed Short Sale Laudable Buyers' Brokers (Part 1) - 05/21/09 11:46 PM
Asheville, North Carolina May 2009 
I attended a seminar on short sales ( sales  in which the proceeds will be less than the balance owed on the mortgage loan) here in Asheville given by two real estate attorneys and a CPA. They have, it seems, the necessary experience to possess a good handle on their perspective on the short sale process and convey it to a group of interested real estate professionals. 
Certainly I gained a deeper appreciation of the distressed property marketnot only here in Asheville, but in the larger view.  It is complicated on both the buy and the sell … (7 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: The Energy Ecosystem - Asheville, Your Town and the Smart Grid - 05/12/09 06:40 AM
"As we move forward in the future the energy ecosystem is going to change.. ." message  posted at the Cradle to Cradle Group at Linked In. --
The Energy Ecosystem is about to "sprout!"  No doubt about it...and I've been wondering how that will look here in Asheville NC and in your neighborhoods.
So I'm  asking questions like:
 1) What can consumers expect?  2) How are we, the public, going to be involved in implementing the changes?
IMAGE OF SMART GRID courtesy of US Department of Energy
And how will this affect the real estate marketin Asheville, Your Town, USA...and beyond....

asheville green buyers broker: GREEN Homebuyers - 2009 Outlook - 05/09/09 06:16 AM
 "Green home building supporters should work with REALTORS®, appraisers and other financing institutions to accelerate market penetration of green homes, " according to a recent Smart Market Report. So this is just a quick heads-up. . .
Understanding market trends and issues   and how an industry may function in the future is one key to success for clients and real estate professionals, alike. So possibly pick up/download the report on key trendsin the construction industry that "provides you with instant access to a succinct snapshot of the construction industry to help you build a firm knowledge base about market conditions, trends, and leaders. "

asheville green buyers broker: The Top 10 things to Consider in a real estate Contract - 05/07/09 03:07 AM
HERE is a concise post from KRISTAL KRAFT.When seeking objective fiduciary counsel, these are the things buyers and sellers will appreciate reviewing.

The Top 10 things to Consider in a real estate Contract
100 Real Estate & Relocation Tips in 100 Days (Day 46)

Price - well, this one is pretty obvious. The object is to get the best price possible, right? Not necessarily. While price may be the most important thing to a buyer, the seller may be more concerned with the net revenue, or the least amount of loss. Both buyer and seller should understand current comparable … (0 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: Asheville Seminar on Conservation Based Land Development - 04/24/09 06:17 AM
YOU =)  
are invited  
by janeAnne and John Eco Certified® Real Estate Consultants
at The Eco-Steward Firm
 to a cheerful Seminar on Conservation Based Land Development
WHEN: THIS SUNDAY April 26th, 2009...
at 1- PM April 26th, 2009...
WHERE: at the Asheville Board of Realtors new office building located at 37 Montford Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801
WITH: David Brannon, Landscape Architect, SiteRhythms and  David Tuch,VP of Equinox EnvironmentalsThis is an interactive presentation with lots of graphics and time to answer your questions!
Land Planning & Design Land Suitability Analysis Site and Eco-Friendly Building Design Site Resource Assessment … (1 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: EARTH WEEK $ Savings Tips and a Quick Curtsy to You - 04/23/09 02:10 AM

Things aren't the same as they were back in the 1950s, when hula hoops,   poodle skirts, 45s, and cruising Woodward Avenue were popular. Things were different then.... but in the year 2009 and beyond, when emissions of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel combustion and the resulting warming of the planet   have serious  implications for all of us, it is  comforting to know that
we are on the brink of an energy solution right now, today. ..and so many of us are helping out having taken a few simple steps to make our homes more comfortable-while saving money. And money isn't all we can … (4 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: Asheville Events: GREEN HOMES (& Info on Great Land) TOUR April 2009 - 04/21/09 11:44 PM
Don't miss this year's Green Home Tour!   There are 37 unique green properties on the tour, ranging in price from $121,000 to over $2 million.  
The 2009 Buncombe Green Home Tour will take place between 1-5 PM on April 26th, 2009.  The tour is self-guided and a list of the homes on the tour and directions to the homes is on the event brochure.  The Green Home Tour will be hosted at the Asheville Board of REALTORS® new office building, located at 37 Montford Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801. 
The LAND and eco development team from Eco Steward Realty Brokers will be in … (3 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: Asheville "Scene " Around Town Photo Series: The EYES Have It on this Land - 04/18/09 08:27 AM
Rarely will you find me sans clipboard within reach. I like to take notes when I am out on the land around Asheville with our clients.
There may be a question about eco-development that needs an answer from the specialists on our Green Team.
Or there may be a point of particular interest to a conservation land buyer that I want to make sure to keep in mind.
That trusty old clipboard is just a good way to keep a "good-eye" on the progress....
Apparently, I am not the only one who likes to keep her EYE on per this amazing creature who … (2 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: "Asheville 6th Best..." - 04/17/09 07:33 AM
Asheville is in the News! rates "Asheville
6thBest metro area in the nation...Full Story HERE rates Asheville 6th Best metro area in the nation for business and careers.
 "One business sector poised for major growth locally is the green energy field. Alternative energy companies are about to get a major chunk of stimulus money.... President Obama announced an extra $800,000 dollars for the City of Asheville to hire people for energy projects."Meanwhile, the 1st Quarter of 2009 underscores that report as Asheville's  GREEN real estate market continues Strong
NC HeatlhyBuilt© Homes Sold in 1stQuarter  2007, 2008, 2009: : … (1 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: HGTV, Asheville, Green Week, 2009 and THANKS Active Rain! - 04/15/09 09:41 AM
WAY BACK in the Summer of 2007 HGTV's House Hunters' crew flew in to Asheville, NC to videotape the story of a  couple (our clients) and their search for a green home.
The couple ended up deciding to purchase an older home, and then to retrofit it to their own eco-specifications...It would be "Ultra-Green".
In the meantime, the producers at the HGTV House HuntersShow had been planning ahead. They had their own hunt going on.  As a result of their efforts, HGTV found us and began taping for a Green Week segment to be aired in 2009!
Seems like a long, … (26 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: Asheville's Charmed GREEN Real Estate Market is Poetry to Our Ears - 04/13/09 01:32 AM
Like a zephyr breathing here and there across the mountains, April smiles happily upon her minions. She is  a force uncommonand always on the move.Contentedly, I register spring's promise in a heartbeat, (the all-at-once coming together and letting gothat calls forth Life's magic ) as, thankfully,Asheville's GREEN real estate market continues Strong

NC HeatlhyBuilt© Homes Sold in 1stQuarter  2007, 2008, 2009: : MLS Three-Year Real Estate Market Statistics
YEAR        SOLD (Q1)                PRICE RANGE2007         3                       $220 to $320K.2008         1                       $ 201,000 K2009         6                       $260 to $980,000K

__~o -\_<,                                        (*)/'(*)    .......... keep on rolling into the sustainable  world you can create today and tomorrow!. .........................    .............with

asheville green buyers broker: Asheville "Scene " Around Town Photo Series: IF the Shoe Fits - 04/04/09 10:58 AM
The other day a group of us took one of Eco Stewards'  Learning Tours here in Asheville. We headed out to take a peek at some interesting new Green-Built homes not far from downtown. As we were about to step over the threshold, the builder stopped us. "Take off your shoes," she requested..." "The recycled wood floors have a non-toxic finish, but we aren't sure if it is completely set yet."
Of course, we all happily obliged. And that's when I snapped this photo. ..and similar, yet how different all those shoes were...and how we , too are so much alike, yet … (3 comments)

asheville green buyers broker: Asheville NC Lifestyle: Land and Sky and Mountains...and QUALITY - 04/04/09 12:33 AM

Pure Possibility
At a time when some people see barren fields, I see possibility in this landscape. I love the way the golden earth carves a space against the canvas--those incredible Carolina Blue skies. And this land is quietly asking for a steward. It is an old Appalachian farm looking for a family to take good care of it. I wonder ....dol  you see what I see, and will that be  you?  ....

asheville green buyers broker: Asheville- Real Estate Web 2.0 & BUILDING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS Part 2 What is Meaningful? - 03/22/09 09:19 AM
Asheville- Real Estate Web 2.0 & BUILDING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS  Part 2 Win/Win 2009 
I was looking at this graphic at 1000WattConsulting  (here it is...go to the link for a more readable version)

Looking at it, I was reminded once again of the depth and breadth and inter-connectivity of the Real Estate Web 2.0 environment.
At least 300,000 real estate professionals work within this arena..but it is "a brave new world"  for the 900,000 others who are the majority. 
When they enter, they will find that this is a world in flux.  More and more (see Saul Kleins' White paper) we are advancing into an … (4 comments)




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