blame: THE ENDING and YOUR PART - 12/21/19 09:11 AM
We often become outspoken after something goes full circle and more often than not we have a negative critique of it. This is brought to you courtesy of what they call "hindsight" or sighting of the behind events (that which has passed) that we conclude could have been done better or not done at all. The fact that always remains is this you always had a hand or a say so in those events! So, what happened?
Being in the moment is no myth. It also has advantages that when you are in the moment are obvious and at work. Just go … (8 comments)

blame: YOUR EXCUSES ARE YOUR OWN - 12/14/19 07:05 AM
Here is a subject that causes discomfort starting with the one doing it first and then with anyone else it can rope in. Question: Have you ever heard someone pitch enthusiastically their excuse as if it was the gospel truth? For a person to do this they first had to convince themselves. Then, to make it stick convince you too
Admitting what went wrong or how it could have gone better doesn't occur to the one who is in denial. NO. A story is manufactured and edited using the mind, emotions and five senses which add drama, scenarios and conjectures. In other words a … (23 comments)

blame: OUTCOME LETS THE RESULT OUT (life wandering) - 07/23/19 07:26 AM
To set the mind-set of entering into this post I remind everyone of this subtle often over-looked and rarely-discussed fact of life i.e. none of us have ever been here before. Pause here. Compare this to a place or moment you have been in more than once. You become familiar, confident and life-educated in multiple, countless subjects and experiences all without the asking. Now let us proceed to see come what may
This is the end result of some dynamic that was put forward. It is a result of an action taken fueled by a belief with under-lying want or need driving for the most … (10 comments)

blame: the TROUBLE with TROUBLE - 07/13/19 12:55 PM
It plagues mankind. It intrudes. We give it life or death depending how we handle it.  For those that are quick to blame, deny or excuse and refuse to take responsibility and accountability for their part played or the part not played, I say you/we are the problem with this point in mind. There is assigned inner work to be done. Disgree? Trouble is delighted when you do...
Wrong is subjective. It may not be  wrong to the wrong-doer by anothers eyes but what counts is our assessment first and then to consider what other dynamics are at work if … (8 comments)

blame: FINISH WHAT YOU START - 01/09/17 06:45 AM
If there was to be something, anything that speaks ill against a person or business it would be that they leave whatever they have begun UNDONE! A task that has not been completed haunts the one who began but did not complete. It speaks in its own language and everyone understands it too. It points the finger quite well and nothing less than action will cure it
Excuses! Mankind has become efficient and quick to create and share reasons as to why something is not done even to the point of making it acceptable only because of repetition. If something is said over and … (13 comments)

blame: PROBLEMS EXIST TO BE SOLVED - 11/10/16 11:00 PM
Problem solver: If this is who you are, then you will be busy for the rest of your life. Why? Life is designed so that it presents itself in such a way that for now, we participate by dealing with it as  challenges. We also have the ability to change, direct and mitigate as well as refine, forge and eliminate what we want or don't want or will allow
Whoever told you that life comes with no problems didn't tell you the truth nor did they prepare you for real life and its rewards. You see part of the satisfaction of living comes from … (6 comments)

blame: YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOB? - 04/09/15 12:53 AM
This is what a seller, who wanted way top dollar for his property told me when I brought up discussion in regards to what the market will say regardless of what we both think. What let up to the comment was  this: If we don't get top dollar, then you are not doing your job. LOL! You may wonder what an experienced agent would say to that...Wonder no more and read on.....
If something doesn't pan out and I am part of the team, then I know for a fact that the problem lies elsewhere. Now my team mates may not … (2 comments)

blame: ALWAYS "START WITH THE PART" YOU PLAY - 12/09/14 10:57 PM
You want a better life? How about a better outcome? Then learn to take responsibility for the part you play or don't play in your life. Look around you and see that the many learning opportunities to do so present themselves everywhere you go every day in varied subjects. Low awareness, denial, temptations, and indifference all interfere with this learning curve
Blame, excessive explanations and excuses pervade and invade our life's looking for a LIFE of their own wanting to feed and grow stronger while we grow wronger if we listen and go-along with the ego-driven prideful input. You see... but you don't see... is what plagues … (8 comments)

blame: START WITH THE PART YOU PLAY - 09/19/14 12:56 AM
Accountability or the act of giving an accounting of ones self in regards to a situation has become a mere word instead of a watch word. When in the mix of life and adventure, if things don't go well or as planned, the temptation to blame and look outside of ourselves is not only strong but subtle too. Your pride doesn't need much blame opportunity. Just a small piece is food-fest for the ego. Someones wrong helps to make you right. You then see to it that they are wrong
Consider that you are a magnificent creation capable of incredible feats and events because you are … (2 comments)

I run into people often who still have not come into their awareness of the choice or part they play in their actions or inaction's. Instead, blame and long explanations mixed with excuses goes to work to describe a personal or professional experience that was not to their liking. I have no trouble seeing the other guys part or where we lack...I am more interested in what I could have done to make it different
How were you tricked, duped, fooled and let down is very important to discovering the what happened and how YOU the person let it happen. Those they claim there is nothing … (13 comments)

In 2005, I completed my college degree (s) just to see what everyone was talking about. I was reminded that having a diploma is not a big deal. It is what you do with it that counts. It is like a license to perform a task, the tasks that require standard knowledge and education. One person made a statement to me I never forgot....
A college degree in the business world, in the world of recruiters, and human resource personnel says... that you have finished something that you started. It is a proven, acceptable test of time and results. When applying … (23 comments)

Slay the dragon not the other person....go after the problem. Stay focused and discipline yourself to finish what you have started. The results are most satisfying. Look for your problems and then put them in their place. We are the superior being here and we were not put here to be defeated. Use the fierce winds of resistance to carry you to your success not your failure   HIDE AND BUY TIME? no no   Head in the sand tactics only go so far. You got to come up sometime and when you do, there is the problem only worse because time allows … (5 comments)

blame: I NEVER SAID THAT YES YOU DID NO I DID NOT - 11/19/12 12:15 AM
Many years ago when I was a newlywed and had not a clue about anything, when my young bride and I reached an impasse, well it was fashionable to seek out marriage counseling and we did. It is a sign that you want to protect and insure your original investment which is the marriage. Going into it, I felt sure my wife would get the help SHE NEEDED...LOL
So we are sitting in front of a licensed professional and we picked an issue and it turns out that my wife was the one to go … (6 comments)

Whatever we do, we remain the responsible party. How often I inquire about something and the person on point of contact doesn't know the product or the service. That tells me that they are not trained in properly. If you use assistants or work with an organization, ongoing training remains employers responsibility
If your name is affiliated with the service or product, then make sure things are as represented and that they go the way you want them too. Too often people ready excuses for things not going right when they should be in place to begin with..
I don't like it … (4 comments)

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