results: THE MIND OF THE CLIENT - 05/05/20 09:57 AM
Whatever your profession is and services offered either as an agent or layman the client is thinking, wanting and expecting and customer service demands we get to the heart of the matter timely as well as do a good job providing we get the job to do. In Real Estate often clients do not know what to do or whom to choose except that they want an agent in the majority of situations. 
The mindset of a client to look for an agent to protect their position is a wise/safe move considering the risk & amount of money at work … (8 comments)

results: HAVING YOUR POST and EATING IT TOO - 02/25/20 06:39 AM
A good posting. Just what is it? Not all that is said, written or shared is worthy of a read or a response. If we break it down to subject matter, it becomes a little clearer especially to the one seeking and searching for that information. The exception is if it is interesting in general and captures a random reader. What is relevant? Why does someone share their subject and why would anyone read it?
In the realm of human nature and what we all strive and live for, certain subjects just keep coming up. Let's list them for reference and … (5 comments)

results: AGENT ON BOARD or BORED? - 12/23/19 06:50 AM
I have come across many a player in the Real Estate business allowing me to further educate myself in understanding the nuances and the obvious behaviors in regards to selling, buying, investing and renting Real Estate. Time and experience will teach where exams, quizzes, continuing credits do not. When one gets licensed it is the beginning of really knowing what is going on and why. A license to practice is like an admission ticket to an expensive not to be done over event
In any chosen field, if practiced for any length of time and of course in the real and applicable … (10 comments)

results: WHAT ARE YOU SELLING (real estate theme) - 11/09/19 01:43 PM
In Real Estate sales the product is the engine that drives the industry. However, the engine needs a driver and that be the agent in the high majority of instances. The first thing to be sold/bought is the agent to the buyer and to the seller and then we begin the process of moving the product together. An agent is licensed and from that pool, clients pick one and begin. Agents are saying pick me. 
Here is where we begin the sales process of selling ourselves to whoever is looking to purchase an agent. Presentation rules the world in food, people, toys, … (4 comments)

results: WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU? - 10/13/19 06:43 AM
A worthy subject if there ever was one "importance" while by design is subjective & also can be a very public experience when shared. Things of importance can navigate in all realms, be very satisfying to trigger and perform as expected because of the way we treat the subject. You can announce or state a matter of importance but it soon becomes obvious as to whether it is or not. Someone somewhere believes it to be as well as those that don't
This little statement has been used successfully to get attention to what will be said following it. The person saying it and the ones receiving … (10 comments)

results: OUTCOME LETS THE RESULT OUT (life wandering) - 07/23/19 07:26 AM
To set the mind-set of entering into this post I remind everyone of this subtle often over-looked and rarely-discussed fact of life i.e. none of us have ever been here before. Pause here. Compare this to a place or moment you have been in more than once. You become familiar, confident and life-educated in multiple, countless subjects and experiences all without the asking. Now let us proceed to see come what may
This is the end result of some dynamic that was put forward. It is a result of an action taken fueled by a belief with under-lying want or need driving for the most … (10 comments)

results: HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEMS - 07/13/19 05:52 AM
First step is to reduce the problem-solving workload so that we can begin the process of sorting then tackling and then eliminating what doesn't work and replacing it with what does. From there an education regarding this subject automatically takes place. When approached and focused upon this becomes your world (like anything else) and it reveals itself quite nicely
The first step into anything is to admit it needs to be stepped into. It will in most cases not be welcoming even invoking either any fear in you (chest area) or butterfly's (stomach area). If stomach, proceed as it is meant to be … (6 comments)

results: YOUR SKILLS BANK WHAT IS IT? - 06/18/19 06:42 AM
We all have a bank of skills that come with us into this world without the asking. While we can all claim in common quite a few of these skills no two are the same when employed because of this simple fact: The people involved are unique and one of a kind making their use of the gift set exclusive in use. These talents within the person need to be identified, explored, practiced with and refined and then finally put to use
People who have not discovered their identity or purpose suffer within in the form of a conflict and … (18 comments)

results: OPINIONS yours and theirs - 05/12/19 10:51 AM
There is no end to what people think. You can ask anyone about what they think about this or that and they will respond (some better than others) but all will have a say so of some sort. Take this example for instance. I have extensive Real Estate knowledge forged in the fires of the field of experience. I know what works and what doesn't work
Part of my education involved going to courtrooms all over Southern California in regards to different Real Estate matters thus testing beliefs, contracts, laws, compliance and what is required, allowed as well as prohibited, risky, litigious and not … (12 comments)

results: LICENSING IS JUST THE BEGINNING - 04/25/19 08:38 AM
I am reminded when I went to find out for myself what college was all about and inquired in my fifties. I found it interesting and also contrary to common sense and everyday practices in regards to living and making a living. In all fairness, it did shed formal light on subjects but only in a fleeting way. The real lessons are to come and I noticed there is not enough emphasis on that
This is where life starts. We call it the "learning curve" & it covers everything from birth onwards. The basis is no one has ever been here before … (28 comments)

results: SELLER SELLING HIS HOME THROUGH ME - 03/22/19 10:21 AM
I have a client who comes along once in a great while who just wants everything to go and show well in the selling of his home. Making repairs ahead of time without being told, landscaping at a premium and professionally cleaned and photo-graphed including drone coverage too. Furthermore, he is researching the neighborhood to get a feel for pricing and days on market and wants to come out of the gate a winner
Lets get right to this subject because you can't help think it. Why me and not you? He does not want a fool for … (11 comments)

results: TOP DOLLAR DYNAMICS (real estate theme) - 03/21/19 07:25 AM
Money makes the world not only go round but is one of the necessities of life. We learn this very early on and train ourselves to be a person that looks for opportunities. Using the dynamic of one thing leads to another, we finally come across our success and it tastes sweet so much so we want more of it. This is expected. However, something comes to interfere with it all...
This is a subjective dynamic to be sure and if you strive for one penny more than you know you shouldn't have or want or to go about it … (26 comments)

results: THE PUBLIC AT LARGE DOES NOT KNOW - 02/09/19 08:05 AM
Agents, family, friends and people at large are all aware in general about various subjects but does that mean they know what they are talking about? This question applies to all careers, practices and endeavors one can pursue. I know a little bit about everything as my seeking and wanting to know ability runs at optimum however does that make me a master of the subjects or the products for that matter?
I file taxes every year but I could not tell you anything about the tax laws & all related matters to it. I know to file or else … (9 comments)

results: CHECK BELIEFS RESULTS (or lack) DEPEND ON IT - 01/29/19 08:18 PM
This remains one of the most important MUST KNOW things here on this planet and in a persons journey. You see things just don't happen. Long before something comes up on your radar screen, it is out there roaming around whether it be success or failure and your beliefs one way or the other summon it. The power of ones stance in life, their being is made up of their beliefs...Spend some time examining yours
Thoughts come and go all day long. Where thoughts come from is a fascinating subject in itself but for another post. Whatever thought crosses your mind … (2 comments)

Yes it s true. PEARLS FOR GIRLS DATING WAITING & SEX...IN SEEKING CUPID...DON'T BE STUPID is a biased book. It favors and caters to the woman ages 12 to 60 covering subjects important to their world and well being. Over 100 chapters devoted to the married, divorced, thinking about either one, starting out fresh or starting over again female of the species.
Over thirty (30) chapters on men that reveal to the reader what to look for when entering into this arena. Sorry fellas, but they have to know and this book is for them and their welfare as well as … (2 comments)

results: DO-ABLE or ABLE TO BE DONE? - 05/20/18 07:05 AM
Today we have advantages that just a couple of decades ago did not exist. I am not referring to technology as much as convenience. For instance I remember having to go to the library and either spend lots of time doing essay information, researching projects or looking for interesting subjects to read. There were people there who would help you find your way and they had an index system that was slow, inefficient but workable at the time
Today Dr. Google has the privilege of guiding us into every known subject one can imagine instantly. It almost boggles the mind. You can in … (9 comments)

results: I THINK (Real Estate Opinions) - 03/11/18 06:37 AM
Everyone can and does do the title of the post. Some do it more than others and some less. The secret is to learn how to wield your think so that it serves and of course does not only the required tasks but also perform what is asked of it. Some people license their thinking becoming experts or professionals in their fields. Its when people think they are when they are not the troubles begins
Like the belly-button, opinions roam the earth and there is no end. If you ever met an opinionated person, they believe to be right on … (17 comments)

results: WORKING BUT NOT FOR A LIVING - 03/08/18 07:33 AM
We all have a skills bank unique and different but similar in that those abilities can produce whatever is necessary not only for the user and possessor of the "bank" but for others as well. The common use is to lend someone or sell them your talents and gifts for a fee and we have employer/employee interactions plus services/products offerings profitable for all. Jobs, careers and establishing ones quality of life are some of the results to expect
The very nature and make-up of anyones skills banks, talents, gifts and abilities causes them to stir, call-out and literally beg to be used & if not creating an … (11 comments)

results: CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ONGOING - 01/09/18 08:25 AM
Serve others! It escapes the many in the business as they prepare to handle this subject on the defensive rather than in the greet and meet mode. Progress is always being made but holding to a high standard is always hard, consistent never-ending work. Why? Because it is people that have to serve and be served & they all tire of it at times
This is where robotics, script & programming comes in handy as they just take the same footprint that seems or appears to work & repeat it every time believing that issues are being addressed. That's is what is … (8 comments)

results: MORALE POWER - 12/02/17 06:23 AM
Stop to consider Morale. What is it ? It is made up of so many other dynamics that help form it into a force called morale. Confidence, enthusiasm, security, discipline and comfort and so much more contribute to its manifestation. Just reverse this and take those dynamics away to make the point clearer. Morale is to be found everywhere and is necessary but remains fickle at some point. Why?  It relies on people
If you have ever seen large flocks or herds of animals all gathered together, they are practicing an agreed to morale in their world. It is safe, inviting, necessary, … (10 comments)

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