daytona beach shores condos: Palma Bella Condominium. Market Snapshot. February 2018 - 03/01/18 06:48 AM
Palma Bella Market SnapshotPalma Bella in Daytona Beach Shores is one of the nicest oceanfront condominiums in the area. Built in 2007, this 80-unit building joined the ranks of a few real luxury condominiums.
A decade ago when the market started falling, Palma Bella still had quite a few unsold units, and went through difficult times, discounting price, auctioning units. I doubt the developer made much of it but was able to survive the real estate crisis.
The developer was building 2 condos with just a few month difference, and Bella Vista was practically sold out before the crisis hit our area, but … (4 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Oceans Four Condominium in Daytona Beach Shores, FL. - 02/04/18 11:47 PM
Oceans Four Condominium
Oceans Four is a 20-story condominium building with 114 condo units in Daytona Beach Shores. It is one of 15 condominium buildings in the Oceans group of condos. Yet on MLS there is only 1 unit for sale as of today, February 5, 2018. Less than 1% inventory is a sign of a crazy market, and it isn’t. Seasonally this is the slowest time of the year, and usually the time of the biggest inventory, yet we are extremely low on inventory and yet… prices are still not crazy, which they should be under all these circumstances.
If you … (2 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Daytona Beach Shores Condo Market. End of 2017 - 01/02/18 08:58 PM
Daytona Beach Shores Condo Market It is the end of the year, and it is time to look at statistical data related to Daytona Beach Shores Condo Market. Do not confuse with Daytona Beach condo market. These are two neighboring cities, but they are separate municipalities.
Click here to read the Summary about the status and the trends of condominium market in the area.
This is a glimpse at Daytona Beach Shores Condo Market. ZIP Code 32118. While this ZIP is shared with Daytona Beach, we excluded Daytona Beach data from this statistical report, so it only includes condominiums in Daytona … (2 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Oceans Eight Condominium Market Snapshot. April 2017 - 04/22/17 01:23 PM
Oceans Eight Market SnapshotOceans Eight Condominium was built in 1996. It is one of the latest built condominiums in the Oceans Family of 15 condos in Daytona Beach Shores. Built by Bellmead Development Corp, this 21-story 168-unit oceanfront condominium is a popular and generally more expensive together with Oceans Six, than a few other condominium buildings on the beach in the Oceans.
It is a popular building and having an indoor pool in addition to an outdoor pool. It is sister building to a smaller oceans Six, but the amenities, the layout of the units, and even the look of the buildings … (2 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: The Oceans Condos in Daytona Beach Shores - 05/04/16 02:24 AM

There are 15 condos in the Oceans Family of condos, and in this blog post we will only look at those, which are direct oceanfront buildings.
These are Oceans One, Oceans Two, Oceans Three, Oceans Atrium, Oceans Atrium One, Oceans Four, Oceans Five, Oceans Six, Oceans Seven, Oceans Eight and Oceans Ten.
And to make sense of it, we would limit this blog post to 2-bedroom condos only.
I wanted to make 3 blog posts, one for 1-bedroom condos, one for 2-bedroom condos, and one for 3-bedroom condos, but turned out there are not a single 1-bedroom condo for sale in these 11 … (3 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Condos In Daytona Beach Shores - 06/02/15 11:23 AM
When you are thinking about vacation condos in Daytona Area, pay attention to Daytona Beach Shores.
Though there are 68 condos in Daytona Beach and 65 in Daytona Beach Shores,  in Daytona Beach Shores all 65 condos can be used for vacation purposes, they are all on the beachside, and in Daytona Beach a lot of them are on the mainland.
When you have 65 condos on less than a square mile on the barrier island squeezed between the ocean and the Intracoastal dotting a 5.5-mile long stretch of the beach, you understand that this is where condos are. After all, this … (5 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Oceans Grand Condominium in Daytona Beach Shores. Market Snapshot - 08/25/14 01:52 AM
I haven’t written about Oceans Grand in a long time, and it is long overdue. So, let’s look at this condominium.
It is in Daytona Beach Shores, behind the new Publix, which is going to open the doors in couple of months after complete tear down and building a new one. Lighted tennis courts, semi-public golf course, all it makes a terrific place to be, and you even do not need a car to live or vacation here.
Anyway, this is one of the last tall buildings in Daytona Beach Shores, that has changed the ordinance and now you can’t build … (1 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Daytona Beach Shores. Summer And The Beach. - 08/20/12 12:08 AM
It is August, the hottest month in Daytona. Not that July is any cooler, and not that coming September is going to be any cooler, at least until the 30th of September… And no, I am not complaining. Looks like the majority of the country has or had much hotter time…  
Surprisingly, we experience what the lifeguard called “upwelling” and the water on Sunday was only 76F, cooler than what we had in May. By tis time we should be firmly in the 80s, but it is the Ocean and it is always full of surprises.  
241 condo units … (6 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: I Drive Less Than 100 Miles A Week - 05/06/12 02:41 AM
Guilty as charged. Yes, on average I drive less than 100 miles a week. I read Michael Thornton’s post (not so) Speechless Sundae ~ 5.6.12... and then I read comments and I thought that this was not my case. Michael wrote about his new 4-wheel toy – Chevy Volt, and mentioned that he drove 500 miles in one week. The comments are filled with more surprise (and envy) to this fact rather than phenomenal Chevy Volt’s fuel economy. Maybe it is a great car, but it is not for me, a condo dweller. I wouldn’t be able to charge it in … (13 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Muddy Crystal Ball - 05/04/12 03:51 PM
A local investor owns several units in Daytona Beach Shores. We know that he loves Salida Del Sol condo building, has a unit there.
Nice building, completed in 2006. Good location south of Dunlawton Ave on A1A. 43 three-bedroom units. Good size, breathtaking views.
We called him about a unit there in $200s. He laughed at us saying that there was another unit, that went to foreclosure, and the Lender got it back. He said he would wait till it pops back as REO and would buy it for $190K.

We doubt that it will be at $190K, as the … (6 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: A Chihuahua called Doberman Pinscher... or The Beauty of Condo Living - 03/24/12 04:45 AM
Time from time I am visiting condominium buildings In Daytona Beach Shores, talking to the managers, getting updates so that I know my stuff. One of the standard questions is about pet policy.
Some condos have «No pets» policy even when you have a cat, or a bird, which do not require going out. They say birds can be noisy. Hmm, what about cats? Haven't seen a barking or screeching cat yet.... I guess if one hears the cat screaming, they better call the animal police, as it should be the case of abuse... But a policy is a policy.
Some are more … (55 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Quiet "Winter" Morning on the Intracoastal in Daytona Beach Shores - 01/26/12 10:20 AM
Quiet "Winter" morning on the Intracoastal in Daytona Beach Shores
We are getting just days away from February, but the temperature is more like in March, and in the last week even the water in the ocean went up from 66F to 68F. It is really comfortably warm, and in the car you need AC. It was 76F on the beach at 6 PM. Absolutely not bad.
Of course, we have another month – February – which is considered second coldest month, and the weather can change practically instantly, so the winter is not over yet, but there isn’t much … (6 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Unit 801 in Oceans Five for Sale in Daytona Beach Shores - 01/21/12 03:26 PM
Unit 801 in Oceans Five for Sale in Daytona Beach Shores
Who can believe that we got to the time when in a whole 21-story building with 112 units there will be only 2 units for sale? This is less than 2%, while in “normal” real estate market this figure is around 7%.
And while pundits are talking about prices still going down in real estate market in Florida, reality does not cooperate with pundits, at least in regard to the sale of condos on our local level.
There were 8 units sold in 2011. Not a huge number, but it … (1 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Oceans Five Condo in Daytona Beach Shores - 10/23/11 04:53 PM
My client bought a unit in Oceans Five in Daytona Beach Shores 2 years ago. He bought it for a good price, unit needed some updating, and Jim, a builder himself, did a good job. He was renting it short terms, and, like it is usually in Daytona Beach area, it is challenging.

Maybe things changed for Jim, but he called me the other day and said he would like to sell his unit. So, let us see what is happening in Oceans Five in Daytona Beach Shores...
There are 3 active for sale units in Oceans Five:
This … (5 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Perfect Evening in Daytona Beach Shores - 10/01/11 07:22 AM
Perfect evening in Daytona Beach Shores. Air temperature – 83F, water temperature – 83F.  It all changes tomorrow as the first cold front is coming and for the first time in several months night temperature will fall below 70F. They say that on Saturday we will not go higher than 78F, and after high 80s and low 90s for months, it will feel like winter (don't laugh at me, it is all relative...)
But today I am enjoying this warm temperature. The water is so perfect, that I did not want to get out of the Ocean. This is the beauty … (8 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Oceans Three Condominium in Daytona beach Shores - 09/25/11 04:53 PM
3043 S Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach Shores, Florida
Oceans Three Condominium is one in the family of The Oceans, a popular condominium development in Daytona Beach Shores. Excellent location in Daytona Beach Shores. Shopping Center anchored by Publix is across the street. A rare place in greater Daytona where you can live without a car.

Built in 1974, this oceanfront 21-story condo houses 120 two-bedroom/2 baths units. 6 units per floor, units are about 1,200 sq. ft. on average, all have excellent oceanfront exposure and from 4th floor up also a view of the Intracoastal (Halifax River).
Outside oceanfront pool, … (14 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Living in Daytona Beach Shores. Living by the ocean. - 09/05/11 05:15 PM
Daytona area has 23 miles of the Beach.
The longest shoreline is in Daytona Beach Shores. Being so much smaller than its neighbor Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores “picked” the best place on the beachside. It is bordered by the ocean  on the east and Halifax River on the west and is sandwiched between Daytona Beach to the north and Wilbur-by-the-Sea and Ponce Inlet to the South.

Our office is in Daytona Beach, in the oceanfront condo-hotel. And I live in Daytona beach Shhores. I try to walk home from my office as often as I can, and I enjoy walking barefoot … (13 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Me And Trump... Or Trump And Me? - 08/26/11 04:09 PM
How «High» is High Rise?
Did you ever ask yourself this question? How high is high rise? Is there a definition of a high rise? I googled, and the king of answering every stupid question out there choked on this one. You can read about tower block, vertical construction and all this, but I could not find a definition of how high is a high rise.
But today I found the answer, thanks for Florida Statutes. There, in Chapter 718.112 (I) (Condominium Law) I ran into this « ...a high rise building, meaning one greater than 75 feet in height.» So, now … (18 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: Does Staging Really Work? - 07/25/11 01:17 PM
Lenn Harley posted WAS STAGING REALLY THE CAUSE OF A HOME SELLING FASTER AND/OR FOR MORE MONEY??? Inquiring REALTORS want to know??? Her blogs are always a good read, so I suggest you read. I am sure that Lenn is right in general. Lenn was inspired by Karen Bernetti, and I was inspired by Lenn’s post.
Our client recently bought a luxury condo in Bella Vista in Daytona Beach Shores. In about a month after, he brought his brother-in-law and asked me to show him a few units. I showed a couple of great buys in Bella Vista and then took … (24 comments)

daytona beach shores condos: The Beach... I Mean Daytona Beach - 07/19/11 07:23 PM
It is mid July in Daytona, summer in full swing, hot and humid everywhere, except right on the Beach. The ocean breeze brings cooler air and makes walking on the beach a pleasure.
I am on the beach each evening except when it is raining. You can't get tired of this view. It is always different, and it changes every minute. The sun, the clouds, the waves... they all affect how the ocean looks and there are more combinations up the nature's sleeve than chances in winning a jackpot in Powerball.
I bring my heavy Canon 5D Mark II, but leave it … (26 comments)

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